June 19, 2024

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Reviews from him on coffee on deposits, expensive cars, loans and spetses

Reviews from him on coffee on deposits, expensive cars, loans and spetses

Stefanos Kassalakis gave his assets in his speech in Thessaloniki until December 31, 2023. However, the schedule made public by Syriza’s president is nothing more than a declaration of nothingness.

Instead of an announcement of nothing, Stefanos Kassalakis showed a side table in his speech in Thessaloniki.

In it, the SYRIZA president adds her income, assets, loans and investment properties to those of her husband, Tyler Macbeth, adding to the confusion over how she acquired her wealth.

In fact, this one-page schedule was not accompanied by any documents, nor was it with the tax return he had apparently submitted to the US tax authorities, and it should have been accompanied by a Declaration of No Matters.

In addition, from the declared assets until December 31, 2023, a newly acquired maisonette worth 1.7 million euros was not included.

In the data provided by Stefanos Kasselakis, it appears that he has shares in three companies corresponding to 670,900 euros, while he has an income of 2.067 million dollars, deposits of 20,100 euros, 1.69 million euros, and products while in investment he has 2 .8 million euros.

The official opposition leader declares the company Osios LLC, through which he provided loans to SYRIZA media, while he declares himself a limited shareholder in the company Pura Vita EE, which owns a coffee shop in Spetses. Juice Coffee, which he announces as a partner.

He announced his participation through Osios in Diptree Marine, which he managed days before SYRIZA joined the state referendum in 2023.

From Thessaloniki, Mr. Stephanos Kasselakis, the “foreign company” – that is, Osios LLC in the US state of Delaware, which is subject to preferential taxation – was transferred to the authorities. Year 2024.

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However, it is worth noting that based on the law passed by the then SYRIZA government in 2016, a party leader is not allowed to participate in a foreign company.

Stefanos Kasselakis himself was elected leader of the official opposition in September 2023, and as he admitted – resigned from OSIOS “at the beginning of 2024”, because he was not aware of the relevant legislation.

“It was changed at the beginning of 2024 and I learned that the law does not allow me to own a foreign company,” he said in his speech.

Real estate and coffee in Spetses

Stefanos Kasselakis has three characteristics, he declared:

He bought 54,956.31 m2 of 358.14 m2 in the US in 2022 for $2 million.

The house in Spetses is a two-storey house with an area of ​​287.8 square meters on an area of ​​467 square meters. With an objective value of 313,414 euros, it has been the parental allowance since 1990.

One at Athens, 105.75 cm. He bought it in 2008 for 100,033 euros.

Apart from the attractive houses, the Syriza leader seems to own a hotel in Spetses called Pura Vita.

It’s a store with healthy options in snacks that Stefanos Kassalakis and his family adore at Google.

In particular, among the reviews, accounts named Stephanos Kassalakis, Stylianos Kassalakis, and Susan Kassalakis praise Pura Vita:

“Finally healthy options in Spetses”, “Best new shop in Spetses” and “Awesome smoothies and drinks”.

Stelios is the brother of Stefanos Kassalakis and Susan is the daughter-in-law of the Chancellor of Syriza.

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