June 23, 2024

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Poll: ND “gets” target – Greek solution lags behind

Poll: ND “gets” target – Greek solution lags behind

New Democracy appears to have captured its 33% target for the upcoming European elections, according to new polling firm Opinion Poll.

More broadly, in the polls, New Democracy leads the second Syriza with 16.8% points (33% vs. 16.2%). Third is PaSoK with 12.3% and fourth is Hellenic Solution with 9%. It was followed by KKE with 8%, Pleussi Eleftherias with 3.7% and NIKI with 3.4%.

Distribution of places

Based on the poll’s vote rating, the seats are distributed: ND 8, SYRIZA 4, PASOK 3, 2 from Hellenic Solution and KKE, NIKI 1, Pleussi Eleftherias one seat.

The “battle” to enter the European Parliament

Beyond that, four parties fall short of the 3% threshold needed to elect MEPs. Specifically, New Left 2.7%, MeRA25 2.6%, Voice of Reason 2.6% and Democrats 2.5%.

Great interest in European elections

At the same time, according to data from the same poll, citizens show a certain interest in the European elections, as 70.6% declare that they are very/very interested. Meanwhile, 79.9% said they were unlikely or not likely to abstain from voting.

High abstinence among youth

In terms of age groups, polling data shows that the younger age groups are more likely to abstain from voting. More specifically, 25.9% abstinence among 17-29-year-olds, 21.6% among 30-45-year-olds, 22.4% abstinence among 46-55-year-olds, 17.1% among 56-64-year-olds, and 8.4% among 65+. %

Mitsotakis is very suitable – “nobody” is very close to him

Finally, to the question of who they consider to be the most suitable prime minister, 34.2% of citizens answer Kyriakos Mitsotakis, while, in second place, with a very small difference and a percentage of 32.6%, the answer is “no”.

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It was followed by Stephanos Kassalakis with 9.8%, Kyriakos Velopoulos with 4.9%, Zoe Constantopoulou with 3.8%, Nikos Androulakis with 3.7% and Dimitris Koutzoumbas with 2.8%.