April 24, 2024

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Cyprus: A new video from Avvakum Monastery shows a large object being transported

Cyprus: A new video from Avvakum Monastery shows a large object being transported

Another video that has come to light relates to the Monastery of Saint Avvakum in Fetrikodi, Cyprus and was recorded 12 days before the revelation with “holy” perfume and the beating of a woman.

CCTV footage has been secured and disclosed by sigma, They show two people carrying something towards the exit of the monastery. It's about a monk, and as can be seen from the footage, it's also about a woman.

Their movements and posture indicate that they are carrying something rather heavy. At some point, the white cloth with which the body was covered falls to the ground and the two people stop to get a better grip on it so that it does not fall on them. They cross the tarmac road next to the monastery church and disappear into the background.

Then, from a different shot, these two people, always holding the heavy object, move forward, but at some point they lose their balance and by making an effort regain their speed again.

One minute later, from another closed-circuit shot, a car was seen approaching the place, as evidenced by its headlights. A few seconds later, the back of a black van can be seen driving down the narrow alley.

An image of a monk was recorded heading towards the spot where the car had been visible just a few seconds earlier. The monk quickly passes through the place and disappears.

The truck, which turns out to have made a U-turn, is seen again at 00:17 crossing the narrow monastery alley and arriving near the church.

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They wanted to cover the safe

As can be seen from the conversations that came to light, on February 22, when the above-mentioned persons realized that their actions had reached the ears of the Bishop, they wanted to preserve the safety of the treasury at all costs.

In their stories, the day before the images we see were recorded, they say, among other things, that they wanted to dig into the ground, break down the walls and then cover the vault with safes. The ideas of Porphyrios and Nectarius also included the room of the latter's mother, who lived on the monastery grounds, in a residence located on a hill, where the notorious safe containing a large sum of money was finally found.

Testimonials – “I felt the need to donate”

Bestie will mention in “You Still Haven't Seen Nothing” that due to a health problem she had to have an extracorporeal procedure, but the abbot reassured her.

“She is now in my hands, because the child is pregnant. I went to a doctor and he told me that I have a health problem and will not be able to have a child and that I will have to go through artificial insemination. When I spoke with the sheikh and told him about my interests and desires, he said to me: ‘My daughter, I'm telling you, you don't have a problem. Your child is in “Good Evening, Anwar.” This was the Sheikh’s phrase to all the girls who wanted a child but did not succeed.

As you will say, 3 months later I got pregnant. “A girl had a problem with her heart, she didn’t know it herself, and when the cross of Saint Porphyry, when he crossed her and pinned it on her heart, on her chest, she said: ‘My daughter, here the cross shows that you have something or that you have something or that you are being healed. The girl looked into the matter and found that she actually had a heart problem and had to undergo surgery. All of the above made her feel the need to donate to the monastery.

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“He wanted us to write the field to the church for free.”

Another testimony states: “I used to watch him on television and his various publications. We only received one phone call once. Through mutual acquaintances, he found my phone number and called me to ask if I would give my consent to give the field that my father owned with his cousins ​​and other relatives to the church.”

“At first I understood that he or the monastery wanted to buy the field, to use it for the purposes, as he told me, of growing various herbs. From what I understood from the conversation, I understood that he wanted the field for free, to write it down to the church for free.”

Regarding the donations of believers, he said that he heard that some donated an amount ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 euros.