May 30, 2023

Valley Post

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The Armored Combat Vehicle (ATOM) procurement program for the Czech Republic became an adventure as the related investigation dragged on for about 3 years, was postponed and resumed, while the war in Ukraine intervened. In the end, the Czech Republic settled on the CV90 for BAE Systems Purchase of 246 MkIVs, in seven different versions, for $2.2 billion.

Thus, it becomes the ninth country to trust TOMA selected after Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Slovakia. The decision on the CV90 had been made since last year in July, but negotiations on the final deal and price took several months.

Crucial for the Czech Republic – and obviously an example of effective negotiation – was that it received 40% of the domestic value added, which was a prerequisite for the entire supply. Also, as announced by BAE Systems, the domestic defense industry will be promoted to enter the company’s international supply chain.

The Czech’s initial intention was to buy 210 cars, but the number increased to 246. Competitors from the CV90 are ASCOD from GDELS and Lynx from Rheinmetall. The country also receives used Leopard 2s from Germany, is looking for other weapons, and has supplied large quantities of weapons to Ukraine.

Mass rearmament in the Czech Republic and change of doctrine due to the Russian threat