June 23, 2024

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Decks: Confusion with cleaning notices – owners panic

Decks: Confusion with cleaning notices – owners panic

Be it an inheritance or an investment, a small piece of land can become a huge hoard for millions. Land owners.

Others are in a state of waiting, others are uprooting trees in panic, but all are worried about the cost of achieving their new duty. Cleaning the decks And even under the eye of an engineer.

The new fire safety regulation has a goal to avoid the fire incidents of other years. They say the extension given to owners is not enough to take their steps.

In many cases there were scenes of panic, with owners putting bulldozers in the fields to clear them all, while there were those who showed indifference. It is certain that demand has already brought double price and labor.

However, only preventive fire safety measures are applicable for this year.

Where necessary, in addition to the responsible notice and documentation of the scientists, these must be submitted to the municipality, and in some cases the team has undertaken the preparation of studies at low cost to the owners. As an alternative to the platform, for bulk plots, declarations are filed electronically on the National Registry platform and on the Ministry of Climate Crisis website.

Where is the penalty?

At the same time, the fines for the owners are high. If they do not submit a risk assessment form:

-€0.10/sq.m. For low risk
-€0.20/sq.m. For medium risk
-€0.30/sq.m. For high risk
€0.40/sq.m. Especially for high risk
-If reports are submitted without availing 50% discount

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If the owners think they can avoid fines with an exhibition for the eyes of the world, they forget that an autopsy will also be performed. If fire safety measures are not implemented here, a fine of 500 euros will be imposed for each unit of activity.