June 23, 2024

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Funeral homes ask that no burials be held on weekends and holidays – reason

Funeral homes ask that no burials be held on weekends and holidays – reason

The Association of Funeral Directors of Macedonia has requested the board of directors not to perform burials on weekends and holidays. of the Regional Union of Municipalities of Central Macedonia (PED-KM).

In a related letter, he pointed out that “in many municipalities of the Central Macedonia region, registrars do not operate on the above days, registrars do not go to work in the event of a death, and as a result burial permits are not granted.” On weekends and holidays and burials are carried out in violation of the law, while the death certificate is notified to the service on the next working day”.

At the same time, the union said the new labor law requires professional funeral directors to not notify employees of working more than six days a week, or face sanctions. Also, he mentions that funeral authorities must obtain documents during burials, however, according to data, 80% of PEDKM in regional and small municipalities are performed by non-professionals and the money is paid “black to those involved”. “.

In this context, he requests the PED-KM to consider the possibility of managing the specific service. specific procedure. He made these demands in the board meeting. The president of the association, Nestoras Nikolopoulos, noted that more burials took place during Easter and May Day without notifying the registry offices.

Ignatios Kaitezidis, president of PED-KM, described the union’s demands as reasonable. “We will bring the issue to our city councils and discuss it at the next executive meeting.” he added.

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Chydesitis – chrysocoitis junction

Also, today Mr. Kaithesidis told the council members.

Addressing the board of directors meeting, he noted the problems municipalities face in their finances and staffing. He stressed that municipalities are at risk of bursting as they receive heavy burdens. Commenting on the staff issue, he said, “Solutions cannot be found through replacements. Service in lieu of prison terms has been an operational component of services. Finally, he underlined the need for PED-KM to inform KEDE and the Ministry of Home Affairs about these issues as soon as possible.