June 25, 2024

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The difference between ND and SYRIZA is 16.9 points

The difference between ND and SYRIZA is 16.9 points

Dissatisfaction with the government was recorded by the GPO poll on behalf of the Star, with 60.4% voting against the government in the upcoming European elections, while 34.3% wanted to support the government with their vote.

However, “comes” n first in the vote evaluation New Democracy 33.1% with, with Syriza is second with 16.2%.

In third place, in the GPO poll, The Basok-Kinal with 13.2%, continuously Greek solution (8.4%), the K.K.E (8.2%), M success (3.6%), M Freedom sailing (3.5%), M New Left (3%) and Democrats (2.6%).

In Voting intention ND 29.5%, SYRIZA 14.4%, PASOK 11.7% and Hellenic Solution 7.5%. KKE follows with 7.3%, Niki with 3.2% and Pleussi Eleftherias with 3.1%.

Accuracy is there

The Accuracy It continues to be a major vote-determining issue at 53.4% ​​of European elections. European issues followed (8.2%) and Civil Defense (7.8%).

Who is ahead?

In ND, Eliza Vosberg (32.1%) tops the list. They are followed by Giorgos Attias (27.1%), Vangelis Mimarakis (20.2%), Fredis Peleris (16.3%), Manolis Kefalogiannis (13.2%), and Pyros Dimas (13.1%).

In SYRIZA, Costas Arvanidis leads with 33.7%. It was followed by Nikos Pappas (24.1%), Nicolas Faratoris (23.2%), Elena Gountura (22.7%) and Sofia Pecatoro (18.3%).

In PASOK, Nikos Papandreou leads with 26.5%. They are followed by Yannis Maniadis (24.7%) and Sakis Arnadoklou, Philippos Sahinidis and Lefteris Karchimakis.

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