June 23, 2024

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Weather: The first “big” heat wave is coming – how long will it last?

Weather: The first “big” heat wave is coming – how long will it last?

June arrives on Saturday and brings the season’s first major heat wave, with temperatures reaching 36 degrees Celsius.

Most meteorologists’ forecasts speak of a warm air mass that will result in a gradual rise in temperatures over the next few days, peaking on Monday and Tuesday.

As predicted by forecasters, the scorching heat is expected to begin Sunday and continue through Wednesday.

In fact, meteorologists are predicting temperatures above 36 degrees Celsius.

Satraphilias for Weather: This is the first extreme heat wave

Alpha’s meteorologist, Giorgos Satrafilias, spoke of a “severe heat wave” and leaves open the possibility of 40s!

According to Giorgos Tsatraphyllias: “This is the first extreme heat wave, which will last at least the first week of June. Temperatures will exceed 35-36 degrees in many areas. The bet for next week is how close or far the mercury will be from 40 degrees or if it will exceed it!”

Thessaly, Central Macedonia, Boeotia, Phithiodita, Idolokernania, Peloponnese, Crete and Dodecanese will experience high temperatures.

For Attica, it cannot be ruled out that the temperature will reach in the afternoon:

  • Saturday 1/6: 31 degrees
  • Sunday 2/6: 33 degrees
  • Monday 3/6: 37 degrees
  • Tuesday 4/6: 38 degrees

To Thessaloniki:

  • Saturday 1/6: 31 degrees
  • Sunday 2/6: 33 degrees
  • Monday 3/6: 36 degrees
  • Tuesday 4/6: 37 degrees”

Weather – Gallianos: An exchange of warm air masses is coming from North Africa

For his part, Mega’s meteorologist, Yiannis Gallianos, said without models to predict the duration of the heat wave, he could not show how long the heat would last.

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Maximum temperatures given by Giannis Gallianos for Athens:

  • Wednesday 29/5: 29°C
  • Thursday 30/5: 28°C
  • Friday 31/5: 28°C
  • Saturday 1/6: 30-31°C (subject to change)
  • Sunday 2/6: 33-34°C (subject to change)
  • Monday 3/6: 35-36°C (with large reserves)

“If the latest forecast is true, we will be visited by warm air masses from Sunday, June 2, which will raise the mercury above its average value,” he pointed out.

A note by Theodoris Kolitas about the weather for the next few days

The heat wave is expected to start on Sunday and will affect many parts of the country, according to EMY director and meteorologist Thodoris Kolitas.

According to his post, temperatures are expected to rise gradually from Sunday and the heatwave is expected to last until Wednesday.

Mr. According to Kolitas, the mercury on Monday is expected to be 34 to 35 degrees Celsius from Thessaly on the mainland and 36 degrees Celsius further south and inland.

“While there are still some differences between the forecast data, we also have several points where their views converge.

  • So let’s talk about a gradual rise in temperature from Sunday onwards, with the wind system generally weakening. Sea breezes are beneficial in coastal areas.
  • The heat will last until next Wednesday. Temperature ranges will be detailed until next Monday when the atmospheric forecast is good. Tuesday and Wednesday will be reassessed on the following days.
  • Comparisons of temperatures at 850hPa are presented in the table, followed by a video showing the evolution based on the ECMWF and GFS model.
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Maximum temperatures in brief

Saturday: 32 to 33 and 34 degrees Celsius in the east inland
Sunday: 32 to 34 and locally 35 degrees Celsius
Monday will be 34 to 35 degrees Celsius inland from Thessaly and further south and 36 degrees Celsius inland,” he wrote.

Arnadoglo: Hot couple of days

Sakis Arnautoglo warned about the heat wave in his post yesterday.

As shown in the map on Facebook, the meteorologist estimated that temperatures will start to rise from Friday, with an average temperature of 31 degrees, Saturday 33, Sunday 35, Monday and Tuesday – the hottest days – averaged 36 degrees and Wednesday 35 degrees.

In fact, western and southern mainland Greece, as well as Attica and Crete, say temperatures are 2-3 degrees higher the farther they are from the sea!

Accordingly, the temperature is 3 to 6 degrees lower in mountainous areas (eg 500-1,000 meters altitude), while coastal areas and islands are 3-5 degrees lower, but relatively higher.