June 19, 2024

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Panhellenic 2024: These are math subjects at EPAL

Panhellenic 2024: These are math subjects at EPAL

The Ministry of Education Announced the topics in their class Mathematics (Algebra), Inspected on Saturday, June 1 National Examinations at Vocational High Schools.

See Mathematics (algebra) topics:

Algebra Topics

The Next lessons EPALs inspected on Monday, June 3, 2024 are as follows:

  • Anatomy-Physiology II
  • Principles of Economic Theory (AOTH)
  • Computer networks
  • Principles of Organic Agriculture

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Schedule of Examinations Eibal



– Anatomy-Physiology II

– Principles of Economic Theory (AOTH)

– Computer networks

– Principles of Organic Agriculture



– Electrical Engineering 2

– Architectural design

– Maritime Law-International Shipping Regulations-Applications

– History of Contemporary Art



– Hygiene

– Computer programming

– Principles of Organization and Management (AOD)

– Mechanical components



– Electric machines

– Modern agribusinesses

Shipping II

– Marine Engines



– Materials Technology

– Construction

– Internal Combustion Engines II (MEK II)

Digital systems



– Cooling-air conditioning components

Aircraft engines

– SDesign of central heating elements

What candidates are not allowed to bring with them

Candidates should be very careful about the things they carry with them during the exam as their writing may be zero.

It is prohibited They should be accompanied by:

  • books,
  • notebooks,
  • notes,
  • correction fluid or tape,
  • mobile phones,
  • computing machines,
  • Electronic means of transmission or storage of information or communication or other material, except as permitted in accordance with the instructions of the KEE. or Directorate of Examinations and Certifications.
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Supervisors are responsible for control.

When does the character become zero?

A candidate selected for nationally examined courses is removed from the examination hall by the reasonable decision of the Lyceum Committee and the written essay is graded by the Lyceum Committee with a minimum grade of zero if the following actions occur.

  • The object or subject matter mentioned above
  • or copies from any book or notes or essay of another examinee during the examination
  • or making noise and disobeying invigilators’ instructions, attempting to copy or obstructing the examination of other examinees
  • or obstructing his examination

The Lyceum Committee, before imposing the aforesaid penalty, tenders an oral apology to the candidate and draws up a relevant record signed by the three-member Lyceum Committee and its Secretary.

Any evidence is attached to the record.

A possible result of a three-member high school committee Cancellation of written article The candidate must be fully justified in a record drawn up and signed by the president, two members and the secretary of the high school committee, clearly stating the reasons for the written essay being zero.

If there are captured elements own candidate, these See link In the minutes drawn up, a three-member Lyceum committee grades the written essay with the lowest zero (0).