June 25, 2024

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Crete: Tribute to drowning girl Nicolas – how the tragedy happened

Crete: Tribute to drowning girl Nicolas – how the tragedy happened

The local community of Arvi in ​​Heraklion, Crete, has been in shock and sadness since the tragedy that occurred on Saturday (1/6) afternoon when a 7-year-old boy died in the sea on the eastern side. port.

According to information sent by neakriti.gr, little Nicholas, a first grade student from Albania, born and raised in our country, escaped from the attention of his relatives, entered the sea and was swept away by a strong wave. Winds up to 4 Beaufort are blowing in the area.

Panic on the beach

At that moment panic prevailed and the bathers saw the body of the unfortunate little one floating and rushed to help. They pulled him out and administered first aid. At the same time, the EKAV was also notified, where an ambulance rushed from the Viannos health center.

In particular, a doctor and rescue workers were seen at the scene who made inhuman efforts to save the boy, but unfortunately, he did not succeed. On the same information, he was taken to Vianos Health Center where he was pronounced dead.

neakriti.gr, the mayor of Viannos, Mr. Pavlos Paridakis was contacted, as he said, “The local community is shocked by the tragic event. Parents should be careful and always keep children under close supervision. Even one wave, one incident or carelessness can lead to death.”

A trauma record of the unjust loss of a child

He wanted to take a bath

According to Cretalive, little Nicholas went swimming with a friend. Unfortunately, he seems to have been carried away by the waves, resulting in the unfortunate child losing consciousness and later being discovered by passers-by in the harbor of the settlement.

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Upon spotting the child’s body floating in the sea, residents rallied, while efforts were made to revive him using the local cultural association’s defibrillator. Unfortunately it was too late…

Scenes of Ancient Tragedy

Little Nicholas’s parents were day laborers, mainly working in greenhouses, and as everyone in the area would agree, they were great people.

His mother gave birth to the second child in the family a few months ago and at the time of the accident she was at home with the child while the father was at work. As he learned the sad news, scenes of ancient tragedy followed.

“Whatever we say is little. We are all shocked,” said Yanis Karpatakis, head of Arvi’s cultural association, to Cretalive.gr, who was one of the first to rush to the spot where the unfortunate body of the little child was found. “We must remain silent in such a tragedy. In the face of grief, do not criticize”, said Mr. Karpatakis said meaningfully, stressing that Nicholas’ parents were great people who loved their children and worked hard all day to give them the best they could.