July 23, 2024

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SYRIZA: The glaze is starting to melt

SYRIZA: The glaze is starting to melt

Closely observing the Syriza habitat, I have the humble opinion that Kasselakis’ polish is wearing off as the days go by. What initially fueled the stagnant waters of an unprofitable election campaign becomes, as the days go by, a center for promoting an ailing, apolitical and utterly personal American messiah.

The media’s preoccupation with Tsipras’ progeny has already exhausted itself in recycling issues that concern only Kassalakis, not SYRIZA and its future. Did he ask for protection or not, didn’t he receive homophobic attacks, was he fired from Goldman Sachs or did he leave voluntarily, did you become a ship owner when you were in the mood for capital? And yet, was his father wronged by a partisan round, or was he convicted by a bullet? Was he then too young to remember them, too old to call them, or just to the occasion?

Around the glittering self-made (?) Stephanos, there are others like this who dominate the public debate. Leftist positions have no place on health, education, economics, national issues or artificial intelligence. These once “big issues” now prove secondary and incomplete, post-political in the face of today’s grand and decisive questions: “Why did Polakis go with Kasselakis?” “Who is hiding behind Cousin Tsipras’ support for Kassalakis?” “Why did Kassalakis leave while Somakas was talking?” Come.

In addition to this, I believe there is a circle of SYRIZA executives, members and simple supporters who are beginning to react to these apolitical celebrations organized around their party. I have been a staunch opponent of all versions of this party: Alexis Tsipras, who reigned in anger, and Nikos Pappas, who rushed to control the media, and Katroukalos, and Efi Ahtzioklou, who created a deadly insurance policy. Euclid is the jackal who classifies the small and middle class as class enemies.

But from this point of view, looking at things, I am looking for a decent politico-ideological opponent to face him. If so, I am very concerned about the post-Cyprus decline of Syria. I refuse to be happy that the once-dreaded (and terrifying to many of us) official process of nominating the party’s candidate leaders has been spent on a tie hanging around Kassalakis’ neck.

This would be embarrassing stuff for any party, let alone a political formation that only yesterday claimed to be the largest and most radical leftist party in Europe. Oh, damn America with your little Americans… put everything in a blender and make Hollywood jam.

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