July 14, 2024

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Demis: The stadium to be renamed Demetris Melisanidis – Football – Super League 1 – AEK

Demis: The stadium to be renamed Demetris Melisanidis – Football – Super League 1 – AEK

Proposal to rename his stadium in the future Eck in “Dimetris Melissanidis” an act Demis Nikolaides.

«A stadium is built where the heart of AEK is located. The whole world was feeling awful. We couldn’t fix it as management and no one else can fix it. It is a personal success for Melisanides. If at some point you decide or it’s time to leave, the next administration should change the name from Agia Sophia to Dimitris Melissanidis’,” he said on Nova’s Monday FC show.

For… the hype upon entering the realm of AEK deifies the most of all the veterans. “Don’t understand. I was expecting them to applaud us all, and I didn’t expect anything different from the AEK people. In the past I knew something nice had happened. I was also the closest and most up-to-date. Yes, I feel lucky to have experienced that,” confirmed the AEK legend.

When asked about the persistent look he gave to… the veiled woman, he answered: “When I went to the stadium I was happy. But when I got on the field, I moved. For the first time it occurred to me that it would be nice to play. The way we were all crossed my mind for a second. It never occurred to me before. My entire career has been in New Philadelphia. I looked up at the roof and said “oops, where are the bars” and I saw the plexiglass and then I came. The entire history of the team there was football. The biggest commotion I heard was at the Hibernian Stadium, but the opening beat it».

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