July 23, 2024

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Departure Survivor 1/6 Spoiler: Takis Will Get This Money – List in Detail

Departure Survivor 1/6 Spoiler: Takis Will Get This Money – List in Detail

Survivor Suite Exit 1/6: Survivor All Star Takis left. This money will get, remember the whole list

Spoiled Survivor Departure 1/6: the Takis Karagounias past of Survivor All-StarAfter the decision of the television audience.

the George Llanosannounced the name of the player who is leaving, shortly before the finale of last week’s episode of his survival reality show. sky.

What is a file Cash prizes Which he will get from the survival game sky; List it in detail survivor With those who have left so far.

Let’s take them in order of how to do the checkout: Stathis Shizas And Frisida Andreotto They are the two guys who left the reality show voluntarily, while three weeks ago, it was Stelios Handambakis.

the Katrina Dalaka and the Asimina Hatzendriou And finally Belides – Gutsis They are kicked out of the game for breaking the rules. In the company of … fools too Aphrodite Skafida.

Survivor All Star Suite 1/6: What total amount did Takis Karagounias earn – the list in detail

Takis Karagounias was the “capital” of Nagy this year. He was undoubtedly one of the great heroes. However, most often for negative reasons.

It’s time for him to leave Santo Domingo and automatically become the highest paid player.

And that after he entered from the beginning of the reality show and spent 21 weeks on the island. Thus, he leaves €105,000 in his bank account. As far as award winning. Not bad, right??

Now, he’s also overtaken Spyros on the related list, taking a spot at the top.

Financial list

  • Takis Karagounias 105000
  • Spyros Martikas 100,000
  • Stelios Handambakis 90000
  • George Korome 85,000
  • Evi Saltaferidou 85000
  • Rhea colophus 80,000
  • Venus Scafida 70,000
  • Eleni Haberi 60,000
  • Nicholas Aguro 55,000
  • Ilias Goutsis 55,000
  • Panagiotis Konstantinidis 45000
  • Shiza 40000
  • Papadopoulos 35,000
  • Stamoulis 20,000
  • Anagnostopoulos 20000
  • Nikoletta Mavridis 20,000
  • Joe Maridaki 20,000
  • A whopping sum of 20,000
  • Hatzandrio 20000
  • Eurekas Pelides 20000
  • Cottage 15,000
  • Papadopoulo 15,000
  • Christina Kevala 10,000
  • Suzun Ballesteros Charros 10,000
  • Flavani 10,000
  • condilatus 5000
  • Andriotto 3500