April 24, 2024

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Destroy MasterChef with Powders: “You should be ashamed, you're a chef too!” (video)

Destroy MasterChef with Powders: “You should be ashamed, you're a chef too!”  (video)

Today's episode of MasterChef was exciting, with the players exchanging heavy expressions.

Creativity test in Chef Developed into a battlefield with Lefteri To reach his sight John.

Edge in this new challenge for his cooking reality show a star The angel had. But when all the contestants took their places behind the kitchen tables, the blood was about to break out and the notes rose once again forever among them. The heroes, among others, were both Lefteris Beside John.

“Chef, I want to say something because I consider myself a fair person. Today Lefteris had a written prescription in his hands. He went in, sat down and wrote it, then two minutes later he went into the bathroom and wiped it off. “A lot of people have seen it and I hope you're not chickening out and not talking.” Yannis noted eliciting an angry reaction from his fellow Master Chef.

“You all wrote prescriptions on paper and went to the bathroom afterwards! You should be ashamed, anyone speaking up now who has the nerve to say something. You should be ashamed! That's all I have to tell you,” Lefteris shouted, until Giannis answered again. As follows. “You should be ashamed of yourself for being a chef! I'm playing you up!

“You and Giannis should be ashamed of daring to do such a scene! Shame on you because you feel deprived for not having the equipment today and you're going to create a scene just for that. Shame on anyone who speaks up,” Lefteris added in a very stern tone, until the MasterChef judges try to bring him back and the other players. To class. complete.

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