April 13, 2024

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Maria Marco: “Marriage is an administrative act, just like divorce

Maria Marco: “Marriage is an administrative act, just like divorce

Guest on his show Grigoris ArnautogluSecond night showMaria Marco was found on the evening of Tuesday, March 26.

In the midst of it all, Chase's Witch in Black referred to her past experience with marriage but also to the search for her father in her personal relationships.

Specifically, Maria Marco admitted that “my mother never pressured me to marry, while she said to me as a lawyer: ‘Always remember, my child, that besides marriage there is also the option of divorce.’” I lived this marriage from an early age and I lived it again. “It's over and in the past now.”

“What conclusion did you draw from marriage? What is marriage?” the broadcaster asked at the time, and his guest answered as follows. “Marriage is an administrative act, nothing else, just like divorce. We should not be afraid of administrative actions.”

“Have you ever looked for your father in your relationships?” This was the next question that Grigoris Arnautoglou asked Maria Marko to answer with impeccable honesty. “Of course. I literally said this. I searched for my father in my relationships and did not find him. So I changed the subject of the search and searched for my husband.”

“A woman may look for her father in relationships for many reasons. Either he is a role model who has not been surpassed, or he lost her early, or he needs fatherly warmth and care through a man. Many. I looked for him because I lost my father at an early age. I may have I made mistakes against some of my partners, but we always part politely and tactfully,” Maria Marco also added, smiling, in her new TV interview on the ANT1 talk show.

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