April 13, 2024

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What type of cancer does he have?

What type of cancer does he have?

the Kate Middleton He shocked the whole world when he revealed that he had cancer. The Princess of Wales announced that she was undergoing preventive chemotherapy and sent a message of strength and courage to her followers.

Neither she nor Kensington Palace have released details about her cancer. For his part, Mark Roche, a journalist specializing in the affairs of the British royal family, spoke at the French ceremony about the recent events that shook the crown and about Kate's shocking cancer diagnosis.

As Mark Roche notes, “No one expected it. But we have to say that Kensington Palace lied because they ruled out the idea of ​​cancer. In my opinion, they shouldn't have been so quick to deny having cancer. Again, this was a communication error, due to the consultants being too young or simply lacking in experience.”

He added: “Even the press didn't know about it, except for the distinguished members of the press pool that covers the British royal family, who were informed a few hours before the official announcement. Simply because the video was shown on a Friday night and the Saturday newspapers are the best-selling newspapers. We had to give them some time before Closure”.

Regarding the reason for his announcement via video instead of the official statement, the royal insider noted: “Kate Middleton is an amateur photographer who has worked in the fashion industry, so photos are very important to her. She is always very careful about her appearance and image, she exercises constantly and eats very little. As Elizabeth II always said: you have to be seen to be believed. What I especially liked was the direction of this video. Alone on a park bench, wearing jeans, and minimal make-up, Lady Diana's ring is her only regal aspect. The British people discovered her voice, which is very rare because she rarely expresses herself in public. Kate Middleton wanted to show that she is close to the people and, in particular, to address the younger generation, which is one of the weaknesses of the monarchy.”

Asked if he should have spoken out earlier about the doctored photo scandal, he noted: “I also honestly believe he should never have apologized. She is not worthy of her position, nor is she worthy of a future queen. Elizabeth II never apologized. After the shocking announcement that Kate Middleton had cancer, everything was forgotten. But clearly there was a big misunderstanding. In the background, few people dare to stand up to Charles III, let alone Prince William.

When Kate Middleton suggested this photo, no one thought to ask her if it had been edited or not. She must have retouched the photo herself or someone close to her. It is certain that everything happened in private. The photo should have remained in the family album. During the reign of Elizabeth II, great professionals were invited, such as Cecil Beaton and Annie Leibovitz. But Kate Middleton and William want to control their image at all costs, and this has led to many mistakes. But rest assured that no one will be fired – the company has a very paternalistic streak. You really have to set the palace on fire to get fired, and Wells is having a hard time recruiting. In fact, they're looking for someone to bolster their digital team, but they can't find anyone. “At the same time, they are offering a salary of 2,500 euros per month for this position, which is not entirely attractive.”

Estimating the type of cancer that Kate suffers from: He added: “According to an informed source, all evidence indicates that she underwent a hysterectomy and suffers from colon cancer.” He explained that the Princess of Wales is undergoing preventive chemotherapy, which can be performed entirely at home, without having to go to the hospital.

As for when the Princess of Wales will return to her duties, Roche said at the French ceremony: “It will not be Easter as previously announced. Instead, June/July is being talked about, perhaps at the Royal Races at Ascot. Knowing that she always wants to look her best, she will return when she is fully recovered. One thing is certain: it should not We have to wait for a new press release. There will be no further communications regarding her health condition.”