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Deprivation at 14, cancer and hysterectomy

Deprivation at 14, cancer and hysterectomy

The beloved actress, Dora Krysikou, spoke about collaborating with Theodoros Angelopoulos when she was 14 years old, while referring to cancer and how she realized through her illness that she did not want to become a mother.

A guest was found on the show “Studio 4” on Wednesday afternoon (27/03) H Golden giftsShe talked about her collaboration with Theodoros Angelopoulos at an early age, about cancer, about him Hysterectomy And for the great realization he reached through the adventure of illness.

The beloved actress first spoke about the great director and her participation in the film “Meteor step of the stork”Which sparked reactions. As described:

Metropolitan Augustine then excommunicated the entire cast. This was the fourth film Angelopoulos directed in that region, in Florina. He loved the city and its colors. All the statements against the film were that it was anti-Greek – because it talked about abolishing borders – and anti-Christian. We're talking about 1990. He leaked the script and tried to get the movie banned. However, with his anti-Hellenistic and anti-Christian arguments, he did not catch the pulse of the world. The next thing is that the movie was pornographic. This was all based on a 14 year old girl being a prostitute. So the whole part of the aphorism fell on me. “In essence, it was based on the fact that there was an underage girl involved in prostitution.”

Referring to cancer, Dora Krysekko, who has spoken openly about her illness several times, said: “Fear has been completely in control for a while, and it has less control over time. If you ask me what is the biggest challenge you face as a human being, it is definitely fear. Fear is a terrible thing. It paralyzes you. It is the fear of death, it is the fear of relapse. It has different shapes. It is also the fear of acceptance and abandonment. I was afraid, for example, would they want me? Does my partner want me? Will I get a job? To tell you the truth, my biggest fear was whether they would like me. Sometimes I say that with a lot of emotion.”

And note: “Of course people left. I think from that moment on I became more patient and more tolerant, and I can understand the fate of a person through illness. They cannot bear that. It is clear that you forgive, but you are called to renegotiate with those who tolerate. Because I was also called to renegotiate and in a way to rediscover myself. Therefore, others are also called to adapt to the new reality. I see I've been given a second chance. When given a second chance, she is careful not to repeat the mistakes of the past. My partner stood up for me a lot.”

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She then admitted that a hysterectomy led her to realize that she wanted to become a mother. As he said: I was in IVF. Fortunately that didn't happen. I was very lucky, because then I realized that I did not want to have a child. I got into this process initially because I had also stepped on the banana peel of social controls. I have been a person who has always followed my own path. However, while I was a closed-ears person, I entered into the process. Because this social is very internal. “Come now, baby,” I said. I really don't want to. I didn't have the maternal instinct that I saw in other women. That's why I went to out-of-body surgeries with a heavy heart, and I didn't feel happy. “I went naturally, I said I'm going to do it and I'm going to do it, because I'm very disciplined.”

He concluded: “In the end it happened and the uterus was removed and the entire hysterectomy was done – because the cancer had spread elsewhere. There, when I could have said 'damn freedom', I said 'now, there's nothing social and nothing, now biologically I can't “Becoming a mother.” There I realized, through a difficult process, that I didn’t want to be a mother after all. It was an explosion of consciousness. Life brought me to this. Out of necessity, among other things, I fully realized my desire.”

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