March 4, 2024

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Horoscopes: Mars and Thursday forecast | Zodiac signs

Horoscopes: Mars and Thursday forecast |  Zodiac signs


Zodiac Signs: Mars and Thursday Predictions

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Confused feelings, career and daily life. Detailed predictions for all zodiac signs.

The important event on Thursday is Mars back on track As our pace accelerates, we finally take action to bring our plans to fruition, while the initiatives we take will yield positive results! The Moon is still moving in Virgo late into the night, positively affecting our professional endeavors but also current issues of daily life. In the afternoon, the Moon-Neptune opposition confuses thoughts and feelings, and memories of someone from the past affect our mood more.


With your ruler finally moving in the right direction, you will be able to communicate your ideas and plans more easily, make decisions faster (although sometimes too quickly), and improve relationships with people close to your environment that have suffered due to misunderstandings. Avoid excessive drinking, smoking and eating today and maybe it’s time to get rid of addictions that are not doing you any good.


The correct path of Mars improves your finances in the sense that unexpected expenses and outflows in all directions that have caused insecurities and anxiety stop you. Today is suitable for social communication and friendly interactions, while a romantic encounter is possible within your circle of friends, which will excite you.


Mars, which has been in your sign for so long, is finally back on track, putting an end to the tensions and annoyances that have made everyday life difficult, as well as your relationships. It also stops delays and emergencies that did not allow you to set your goals and aspirations on the right track. Today, however, you should be careful in your workplace, as a colleague disappoints you with his behavior.

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You’ve overcome the insecurities and aversions that have been weighing you down psychologically for some time now, with Mars getting you back on track and helping you settle issues that have been hanging around for a long time and weighing you down. Your intuition usually protects you from mistakes and missteps, but today you may stumble in evaluating the person who approaches you in a certain way, earns your trust, but is not honest with you, and you will soon find out!


The limitations and compulsions you were living in for the last time are finally coming to an end and with the right path of Mars now, you will be able to achieve your goals, dreams, and aspirations. It goes without saying that all this will not be done without effort or fatigue, but this does not concern you when the result satisfies you. Today, be careful in managing your money and avoid big purchases because things are not what they seem.


With Mars now back on track, you will see the difficulties and delays that you have experienced in your career disappear and you will be able to achieve your goals and develop professionally with targeted movements, perseverance and more courage. Through a friendly person you come into contact with people who have common interests or who share the same professional topic as you and by talking with them you learn things that interest you.

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With Mars retrograde recently, you’re tired of making plans that didn’t work out, planning moves that never happened, and various matters that were major concerns of yours that never got completed. All this ends now and you will be able to set your affairs in motion, plan a journey, strive to improve your knowledge, and open up your intellectual horizons. On this day, it is best to avoid a lot of interactions with people you do not know well or do not trust because you are very weak mentally and the slightest negativity you encounter in the behavior of others will affect you a lot!

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With your traditional ruler back on track, it will be easier for you to settle some financial problems that have been plaguing you for a long time, settle issues with money you jointly manage with someone else, and collect arrears. You will also find ways to increase your income. Today will tire you a little, because it brings you into contact with many people who each have their own requirements.


It’s been enough time that no matter how hard you try, you don’t see progress in your relationships, both personal and professional, with Mars retrograde in exchange creating tensions, misunderstandings, and even negative behavior towards you. From now until March you will be able to beat all of this easily! Today is not a good day to make important decisions in your career as your judgment is influenced by your emotional state and not based on logic.


Your stamina and strength increase with the right path now of Mars and you feel that you can accomplish everything but you must not deplete your energy, either physically or mentally, because it will be difficult to replace it. However, it is a great period – until the end of March – to organize your moves in the professional field and achieve your goals. Communication today is a little tricky, so make sure you are crystal clear in your conversations.

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With Mars now moving in the right direction, you will also be able to do things to your liking more easily, to meet friends and loved ones that you have not seen for a long time, since many obstacles constantly arise in your meetings. Emotionally, limit your desires today and do not make excessive demands on those around you, because you will be doubly disappointed when the promises they make to you are not fulfilled.


With the right path of Mars, you will be able to find effective solutions to family issues or home and real estate issues that have troubled you in the past. In an emotional sense, the day calls for caution, as your romantic and overly sensitive nature clouds your judgment and is easy to take advantage of.


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