December 6, 2023

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Witch: Anastasis Ruelus posed naked and ‘disturbed’ on Twitter

Witch: Anastasis Ruelus posed naked and ‘disturbed’ on Twitter

On Thursday evening, September 28, the fourth episode of the new ANT1 series was shown. “the witch“.

Viewers watched the developments with bated breath.

One of the scenes that attracted the admiration of the television audience, and which Twitter users also commented on, was that it was a tournament Ruilo Resurrection.

Specifically, mr Anastasis Ruelus Who is playing “Andrei SidorovHe appeared naked while bathing in the Lascari Tower.

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The witch is Andrei Sidorov is played by Anasis Ruelos

Andrei Sidorov (Anastasis Roilos) is a retired Russian officer in the Tsarist Army, and his mother is Greek from Odessa.

He is serious, very introverted, stubborn, very intelligent and rational.

His mysterious arrival at Mane will raise many questions. But soon he will find himself in a situation where he is trying to solve another mystery…

Check out some of his best tweets below.

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