February 27, 2024

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Lisa Marie Presley: Unsettled at the Golden Globes two days before her death

Lisa Marie Presley: Unsettled at the Golden Globes two days before her death

Sadness spread Elvis Presley’s only daughter, Lisa Marie, dies of a heart attackThursday night (12/1) at the age of 54.

Two days ago Lisa Marie Presley He had given “Attendance” to the awards ceremony for golden balls With her existence being described as “precarious” by the international media outlets who published the related videos.

In the first of the videos, the daughter of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll can be seen asking 80-year-old manager Jerry Schilling to “hold your hand” while talking to an ExtraTV reporter about the movie “Elvis,” which is about the life of a father starring him. Austin Butler. Despite the sudden malaise shown in the video, Lisa Marie Presley tried to continue the interview by discussing the movie and the weather in California. In a second video released to the public by New York Post sound Lisa Marie Presley To walk next to Butler with her apparent instability. On the TikTok where this video was first posted, many wondered Tuesday night “what’s wrong with Lisa Marie?” , “Lisa Marie okay?”.

while, no Golden Globe Awards Ceremony when Austin Butler won for his role in the Elvis biopic “Thank you for opening up your hearts, your memories, and your home to me. Lisa Marie and Priscilla, I love you forever,” he said of Lisa Marie and her mother who was with her, prompting the King of Rock and Roll’s daughter to break down in tears.

Announcing it from death to her Lisa Marie Presley Her mom posted it on Facebook. Priscilla Presley said in a statement shortly after her 54-year-old daughter was taken to a Los Angeles hospital where doctors ultimately failed to keep her alive.

Lisa Marie Presley was the heiress to Elvis Presley Enterprises, but she sold most of her shares to an investment and fund management company in 2005.

She retained control of her father’s Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee, where the famous singer was found unconscious in August 1977 before being rushed to the hospital where his death was attributed to cardiac arrest. Toxicology tests indicated high levels of the pharmaceutical in the rock and roll legend’s body.

the Lisa Marie Presley She has released three albums during her career and was the mother of actress Riley Keough who starred in Mad Max: Fury Road. In total, he had four children. But in July 2020, her 27-year-old son Benjamin shot himself in his family mansion after an argument with girlfriend Lisa Marie Presley who has said several times that her son’s suicide “ruined her life and she never got over it.”

Apart from musician Danny Keough, whom she divorced in 1994, she was also married to actor Nicolas Cage, actor and composer Michael Lockwood, and pop legend Michael Jackson (1994-1996).

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