July 22, 2024

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Devil’s Week decides almost everything about the playoffs

Devil’s Week decides almost everything about the playoffs

At the end of the week, there may not be much to do in the Euroleague playoffs this year. Olympiacos has one win before the advantage, the fifth place that Partizan and Maccabi crave, and the eighth place that will be played more between Baskonia-Zalgiris and much less for Efes-Milan.

The final “Devil’s Week” starting today in the Euroleague will largely determine what we see in the Euroleague qualifiers Starting April 25th. There will be a few outstanding matters left on Friday night, as we count two games through to the end of this year’s regular season.

We already know that the top four places in the standings (Olympic, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Monaco) have secured their entry into the eight, three (Fener, Partizan, Maccabi) are close and the eighth place still theoretically has to be obtained by five teams, although Our expectations do not change. In the end, it will be Baskonia and Zalgris who will fight to enter qualifiers.

Let’s take them in order.

Olympiacos progress

Losing in Belgrade does not cost Olympiacos much, which remains the favourite. In fact, the two matches that the “red and white” will play in SEF (on Wednesday against Villers-Bahn, on Friday against Panathinaikos) are of particular importance.

With their victory, they guarantee the land advantage, because even if the fifth Fenner achieves four out of four and the two teams are tied in 22 victories, Olympiacos is better because it beat the Turkish team twice. If the Piraeus team also defeats Panathinaikos, it will have a total of 23 victories, which could reach first place.

We remind you that Olympiacos, which is superior in terms of relations with Real and Barcelona (two wins) and trails only to Monaco (two losses), still has to play Red Star 6/4 in Belgrade and close its schedule, hello Baskonia. On 13/4. Logically, he can reach 24 victories, which he does not lack for second place. “Red and White” have a record 21-9 (11-3 at home, 10-6 away and 8-2 in the last ten games).

Note the records of each team, they play a very important role, showing their behavior, first during the whole season and then their form at the exact point where we are. To make the right prediction, consider the schedule for each club individually. Three more home games and three more away games, even if the opposition is without motivation and interest in scoring. Remember the case of Efes from Alba to Berlin…

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Level with Olympiacos (21-9) but mainly with one win less, because it was twice defeated by the “red and white” Real 11-4 at home and 10-5 away. In other words, he is looking for one victory more than Olympiacos, in order to beat him, although he will not have such a big problem to stay in second place. On Wednesday, the “Queen” will play at home against Fener, and two days later they will visit Partizan… hell.

Followed by Bayern (on 6/4) and Maccabi (13/4). That is, two very difficult away matches, with teams chasing fifth place. Real Madrid have won three of their last five matches and the prediction is 2-3 (23 or 24 at the end).

the Barcelona is in third place with a record of 20-10 (11-4 at home, 9-6 away) He struggles even in the games he wins. She has two defeats in her last five matches, and today Tuesday she has to contend with the dynamics of Stark Arena, with the world of Partizan much more ahead of Gumball. Next up is Alba at home (on Thursday), AC Milan (on 4/7) and Valencia at Palo Blaugrana (4/14). Will Barcelona win more than three times? difficult. Score: 22-23 in the end…

In fourth place is Monaco (20-10, host 13-3, first leg 7-7) who falls behind in a draw with Barcelona (but also with Fener next). Monegasques have a tougher schedule than the teams in the top four as they will play three away matches (Zalgiris on Wednesday in Kaunas, Bayern on Friday and Efes at 4/14) and only one home match against their almost invincible (13 wins in 16 matches) against Partizan (7/4). From 21 to 22 wins, what’s her final winning tally? instead of.

Who will pass Fenerbahçe (if he passes it)?

the Lantern Two defeats behind the top four (record 18-12, 11-5 home, 7-7 away) And she won’t be able to get an advantage, even if she’s better at a draw than Monaco. Dimitris Itoudis’ team has lost major matches (three out of five), and among other things, their schedule is not in their favor. Mane Mane plays with Real Wednesday in Madrid and Barcelona on Friday in Barcelona. He still has one away match (against Er. Asteras on 13/4) while the first leg at home will be the derby against Efes (6/4). He can’t seem to get more than 2 wins (20 in total).

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It is logical that Maccabi and Partizan will hope to find themselves in fifth place, leading to a play-off match against Monaco. In theory, an easier opponent than Real, Barcelona or Olympiacos. the The Israelis (17-13, home 12-2, away 5-11) They’ve had a good month (four straight wins) and they’re betting, of course, on their very strong home court, only twice defeated in 14 matches. At the Menora Metavsim Arena, they will welcome the two Italian teams this week (today Virtus, Thursday Milan), while on 13/4 they will also play against Real. This is the only away game against Zalkyris (6/4). Three wins within their reach. A draw with Fener favors the Turks, but with Partizan they are ahead of Maccabi.

Eight wins in ten matches were supporters Who generally makes for an impressive second run and hit a record 17-13 (10-4, 7-9) After Olympiacos, Barcelona (today) and Real (Friday) are waiting in their stadium. Great games all round, for a team that seems to be in the best moment of the year, playing with enthusiasm and in front of a very excited crowd. Partizan still has one more home match (Panathinaikos) except for Monaco (7/4). Three wins, which is a very likely result (20 in total). A tie does not suit her, because she is behind both Fener and Maccabee …


In theory, five teams are chasing the eighth spot. The two with 15 wins and the three with 14. Let’s exclude Valencia, who played three away matches (E Asteras, Zalgiris, Barcelona) and one at home (Virtos). Everything indicates that the playoffs will take place at 18 wins. This means that Efes and Milan must make the score four out of four. Only, there is also a match between them (today in Istanbul) so only one of the two teams can play. Unless the qualifying limit drops to 17 wins. Difficult and we will explain

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the Baskonia (15-15, house 11-3, house 4-12) is a classic home team. If we assume that they will be defeated in SEF by Olympiacos (13/4), they can play the three matches they played at home (Alba today, Fener on Friday, Villerban on 6/4) and reach the limit of 18 wins. However, remember that it also counts as three defeats in a row.

in the same position Zalgiris (15-15, house 10-4, house 5-11) is almost the same as the picture. Very strong at Zalgirio Arena, very weak away from it. This week the Lithuanians await Monaco (Wednesday) and Valencia (Friday) Maccabi (6/4) before playing away to Bayern on April 14. In terms of difficulty, its program is slightly more difficult than that of Baskonia. However, they can manage three wins, with an underside note that they fall short of a potential draw with the Basques.

The slumber of defeats (and the inner grumbling) effects (14-16, in 8-6, out 6-10) has the advantage of waiting for Milan at home and can double their wins against Virtus on Thursday. However, right after that, he has to play a home derby at Fenerbahçe, while the third match is at home against Monaco. Even if they beat Milan, they will hardly make it 4/4. After all, in her last four matches she has only won once! In relations, he is comfortable only with Zalgiris, whom he defeated twice.

✍ In contrast to Ephesians n Armani Milano (14-16, inside 8-8, outside 6-8) She’s got off to a great start, with half of her total wins coming in her last eight matches! And where all her hopes were lost, she gained some fading hopes. But the schedule does not favor her. Today he is tested in Istanbul, while on Wednesday he will play in another difficult stadium and against Maccabi, who are chasing fifth place. Will Milan survive? They have another away game (against Virtus, whom they recently lost to in Serie A) while they will welcome Barcelona (7/4) to the Forum.

Moreover, Milan are not favored in any tie, so in order to qualify they must go 4/4 and Zalgris and Baskonia must lose two of their four remaining matches.