April 18, 2024

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Diablo 4: The beta is packed – Blizzard is trying to make things better

Diablo 4: The beta is packed – Blizzard is trying to make things better

The first started a few hours ago beta to Diablo IV Which seems to have exceeded her expectations Blizzardsince Servers are designed by the world!

More specifically, many gamers reported that in-game connection times were phenomenal, after they were required to wait entire hours in a queue. At the same time, the beta version had many other technical issues, such as sudden disconnection, inability to connect to parties with friends, rubber bands and very high usage of RAM and GPU resources in different hardware configurations.

Blizzard has acknowledged several issues with A.J Posting on its official forums, emphasizing how important the trial version is to avoid corresponding problems in the final game. At the same time, he thanked the players for their patience, stressing that he is working very hard to improve the situation as quickly as possible.

Blizzard’s official announcements about the Diablo IV beta chapter and long waiting lists:

The team is working on some background issues affecting players and causing servers to disconnect. We are currently managing the rate of new players entering the game until we have a complete resolution of the disconnect issues. This is to ensure stability among players who join the game after the queuing process.

The final version of Diablo IV is expected to be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5 and PC on June 6th.

As for the story, the new chapter of the series will bring back key features, such as replayable, procedurally generated dungeons and character building focused on loot, while for the first time, open world and player versus player (PvP) battles are expected. Of course, players will be able to choose between different classes, Barbarian, Witch, Druid, Rogue, and Necromancer, who lead their characters on quests and battles in the world of Sanctuary, where the exiled Lilith returns to wreak havoc.

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To see if your computer can run Diablo IV, click here for the official system requirements. Finally, by clicking here, you can prepare further for the experience by watching the opening cinematic.

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