April 18, 2024

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How does ChatGPT work in simple words?

How does ChatGPT work in simple words?

ChatGPT is definitely the most viral buzzword of the year in tech, with giants like Microsoft and Google rushing to release related products because they believe it will change the nature of work and information. Below we have compiled everything you need to know about this technology.

How is ChatGPT different from other digital assistants?

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is powered by generative AI. It learns to act on the wealth of data at its disposal, but instead of choosing a default response from its data, it composes new content from that data, such as text, an image, or even an icon. It’s a giant language model that can read your written question and answer it in an almost human-like way.

In fact, the new version, GPT-4, is “multimedia” because it can understand images as well as text. As the head of OpenAI showed last week, he could, for example, take a picture of a sketch someone drew on a napkin of what they want their website to look like and write the code for that site.

Where is generative AI used?

Many companies are already taking advantage of ChatGPT’s capabilities. It’s particularly useful in marketing, since, as CarMax has shown, it can collect thousands of reviews from customers and help them decide which used car to buy. It can take notes from a virtual meeting, it can write user-style emails, it can create presentations and in general it can simplify many tasks on the computer, as Microsoft and Google showed in their new product announcements this week.

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Are there risks?

ChatGPT has security protections, but there is concern that they could be bypassed and the technology used for malicious purposes. Cybersecurity experts point out that productive AI could allow hackers or even governments to generate far more disinformation than ever before and in a way that we would not recognize as coming from a botnet.

The main concern is the impact of ChatGPT on the education system, as more and more students are using it to write reports and exercises for them.

At the same time, ChatGPT has already been identified as making errors. From simple arithmetic to errors, which shows that we cannot blindly trust the answers it gives us. Perhaps this is why technology companies still keep productive AI in the testing phase and have not made it widely available.

Who is the center of productive artificial intelligence?

Microsoft and Google are currently leading the research and investment in these technologies, with direct integration into their platforms, such as Gmail and Office. However, they are not alone.

Large companies like Salesforce and smaller companies like Adept AI Labs are developing their own competing AI technologies to power their users.

How does Elon Musk participate?

Elon Musk was one of the co-founders of OpenAI, the company that developed ChatGPT, along with Sam Altman. In 2018, Musk stepped down from the board of directors of OpenAI to avoid conflicts of interest between OpenAI and Tesla AI Research.

Musk has repeatedly expressed concerns about the future of AI and the danger it poses to humanity, and has consistently called for legislative power to ensure the technology safely serves the common good.

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