February 20, 2024

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Direct attack on Mononoz by Elias Shirohakis – our response

Direct attack on Mononoz by Elias Shirohakis – our response

In a direct attack via… leaks, on mononews, in an attempt to discredit it, it came forward with its head. financial stability fund, K. Elias Shirohakis. The reason is stopping Our exclusive report Regarding the possible interest of the largest Italian bank, Intesa Sanpaolo, in acquiring a stake in Piraeus Bank.

mononews published the relevant information, specifically saying: “At the moment it is not known whether the interest of the Italian Bank has turned into a proposal for the Financial Stabilization Fund (TFS) and the government.”

Mr. Shirohakis, Director General of HFSFWhich was completely unaware of the negotiations that took place for its entry UniCredit to Alpha BankIn addition to the great interest of foreign and Greek institutional investors in its offering NationalThe leaks were quick to negate the possible expression of interest report published by mononews.

In fact, “HFSF sources” stated, among other things, that “there has been no contact between the fund and the Italian bank and on the other hand, the HFSF strategy is specific and expects that the decision will be taken regarding the divestment process from Piraeus.” “It will be taken at the end of February 2024.”

First, let us clarify that Mononews has never talked about any agreement with the Italian bank. She wrote about the discussions that took place at her conference Morgan Stanley In the London. Specifically, he wrote that at least one source confirmed, on condition of anonymity, that an expression of interest was imminent. From Intesa Sanpaolo, when applied Piraeus.

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He never mentioned it com.monnews To change programming regarding divestment from Piraeus.

The question that arises is one and it is decisive: Why is Mr. Shirohakis so quick to dismiss potential expressions of interest? Who is the largest Italian bank? How does he predict the possibility of the company acquiring a stake in Piraeus? Sao Paulo;

Mr. Become a “traffic controller” for deals Which is what the bankers did for him.

Let us just remember that Mr. Shirohakis:

In the case of Alpha Bank, the Italian Managing Director of UniCredit, Mr. Andrea Ursel, was secretly brought to Greece by the CEO of the Greek bank, Mr. Vassilis Psaltis, without Mr. Shirohakis’ knowledge of the meetings with Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Yannis. Stournaras.

The deal between Alpha Bank and UniCredit is a success attributed to Mr. Psaltis, while the head of HFSF, the seller of 9% of the shares, had no idea until the last minute.

In the case of the National Bank, all negotiations with major foreign institutions and secret and open lunches with Greek businessmen, in order to persuade them to enter into the bank’s offering (as happened), were carried out by personal actions. To the CEO of the bank, Mr. Pavlo Milonas.

In this case, Mr. Shirohakis did not know and was not involved anywhere – fortunately – although as the head of the HFSF, i.e. the seller, he should have been aware of what was going on.

However, neither the bankers nor the government seemed to want to leave the fate of such major banking and financial events in the hands of the Fund’s Managing Director.

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So, having lived such a previous life of complete ignorance, Mr. Shirohakis is now trying to predict what investment moves Sanpaolo might make? Will Piraeus remain a mere spectator even in the event of divestment?

Rosary of Mr. Shirohakis

The presence of HFSF Chairman Elias Shirohakis made a big impression at the Morgan Stanley conference. The sight of the Fund’s Chairman at noon on Tuesday, around twelve o’clock, playing his rosary in front of more than a hundred Greek and foreign investors and executives, was humiliating for Greece, if nothing else. It is unbelievable that the CEO of the HFSF is talking to serious “players” managing billions at a major investment conference with a rosary in his hands. Unless he thought he was in a café in Chania and not in London. However, since he is in such a key position, he must adapt to the international environment and not act as a regional citizen.

Do not try to deny this sad picture, because the mononews website has pictures of Mr. Shirohakis playing his rosary, which it does not publish at the present time.

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