February 20, 2024

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IRS: ‘Rambos’ will check cameras – When will it be broadcast live on AADE – Newsbomb – News

IRS: ‘Rambos’ will check cameras – When will it be broadcast live on AADE – Newsbomb – News

With the cameras that they will carry and they will conduct examinations Citizens and companies have tax powers, according to the draft tax law that was submitted to the House of Representatives and which is being discussed today in the relevant committee.

However, for reasons of personal data protection, the taxpayer will be informed, that is, the audit will be recorded, as stated in an article in the newspaper Democratia.

In particular, the draft law provides for the registration of tax and customs audits to be carried out at companies, as well as meetings with taxpayers.

The video of the checks will be kept for six months and then destroyed, the circular said. Instead, video of meetings with taxpayers will be kept in AADE offices for five years.

In fact, Republic indicates that there will also be control instances during which the live broadcast will take place in the AADE operating room in Moshatau.

In addition to the cameras, there will be a direct transmission of information from the points that are controlled to prevent the issuance of receipts, smuggling, contraband, and any other tax and customs violations.

Tax bill: Arrangements that reduce the burden on the self-employed

At the last minute before its submission to Parliament, the Ministry of National Economy introduced four regulations into the draft tax law that will reduce the tax burden on self-employed workers.

A more specific post for “Apogeumatini” states:

The application fee is reduced by 50% for everyone. In the tax return filing in 2024, professionals will find that the professional fee will be reduced to €325 from €650. For each branch the fee is reduced to 300 euros from 600 euros.

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The increase in the minimum wage due to turnover is reduced to 5% from 35% to 100% stipulated in the original text.. As is known, the amount of the assumed minimum wage (10,920 euros) for self-employed workers is increased depending on the years of professional activity, total salaries and turnover of the company. Especially for the sales amount, according to the Final Regulations, the surcharge amounts to 5% on the amount, where the debtor’s turnover exceeds the average annual turnover of the KAD in which the debtor generates the highest income.

For example, a freelancer with an annual turnover of €35,000 exceeds KAD’s average annual turnover with the highest income by €10,000. Therefore, an additional fee of 5% will apply to the amount of EUR 10,000. The original ruling provides for an increase of a factor when trading volume is significantly higher than KAD’s average annual trading volume.


35% for those whose annual sales exceed 100% of their average annual sales to the largest income tax authority

70% for those whose annual sales exceed 150% of their average annual sales in KAD from the highest income earner

100% for those whose annual turnover exceeds 200% of their average KAD annual turnover from the largest revenue up to a maximum of €50,000.

The 50% reduced minimum wage assumption also includes:

a) They have a disability ranging from 67% to 79%,

b) They are active and reside mainly in settlements with a population of up to 500 inhabitants and on islands with a population of less than 3,100 inhabitants,

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c) Parents of a single-parent family with minor children,

d) He must have dependent children who suffer from a mental or physical disability of not less than 67%,

e) Fathers of large families

Change of conditions regarding reversal of the presumption

Tax audit procedures for self-employed persons who object to the minimum annual net profit determined by objective criteria and declare to the Independent Authority of Public Revenue that they wish to be taxed on the basis of declared lower amounts of net income that they consider to be actually taxable.

It was also clarified that any income from wages, pensions, or agricultural commercial activity falls within the scope of the presumption’s coverage. If the professional’s assumption is set at €12,000 and his salary income is €7,000, the assumption is reduced to €5,000. Farmers and those who earn wages in a block with up to three employers are completely exempt from the application of the presumption.

After the changes, the amount calculated for state coffers from taxes on self-employed people was reduced to 552 million euros.

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