February 26, 2024

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Direct payment system is “coming” for companies too – Makeleio.gr

Direct payment system is “coming” for companies too – Makeleio.gr

The Ministry of National Economy and Finance is expected, as of December 1, 2024, to expand the IRIS mobile direct payment system expansion plan for businesses.

It should be noted that a total of 650,000 self-employed and freelancers are already obliged to accept payments through IRIS as of January 1, 2024.

It is worth noting that with the activation of IRIS in mobile banking, consumers now have the possibility to make payments of up to €500 per day and without any additional fees by simply entering the VAT number or the professional’s mobile phone.

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However, consumers particularly benefit from the direct payment system for the following reasons:

They only need to know the mobile phone number or VAT number of the professional and not the account number.
Within a few seconds, the transaction process is completed and the recipient of the payment is notified immediately.
The bank does not charge a commission for transferring the transaction
It is safe to transfer the transaction

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It should be noted that Alpha Bank, National Bank, Eurobank, Bank of Piraeus and Cooperative Bank of Epirus provide the service for IRIS. Interested consumers who wish to use this service should follow these steps:

First, they must visit the online store's checkout page on their laptop/desktop,
They should then select IRIS Payments and two possibilities will appear: pay via their bank's e-banking and pay via the mobile banking app by scanning the QR code
After consumers choose to pay via QR code, they must:

To scan the QR code displayed in the online store using their mobile banking app.
To select the account from which they would like to be charged for the purchase. They do not need to type the amount as it is entered automatically.
Approve the transaction and you will be instantly notified of your purchase on their online store page on their laptop/desktop.
The service allows payment of purchases made in an online store by charging the payment account through e-banking or mobile banking of Citizen Bank and at the same time the possibility of paying debts in the agency's electronic collection environment (eg AADE), with the fee payment account Through electronic banking or mobile banking.

While companies and freelancers receive debts from their clients within a few seconds because the relevant process is completed quickly and they are immediately informed of the completion of the transaction.


It is noteworthy that more than 2 million users in our country were registered in the IRIS system in 2023, compared to 525 thousand users in 2020.

In fact, in the 10 months of 2023 (January – October), a significant increase of 268% was recorded in 2023 compared to 2022 and an increase of 2520% compared to 2020.

But particularly interesting are the data on the use of IRIS in Europe. As we noted, more than half of card transactions in Europe (19 out of €36 billion) are now contactless, while direct debit payments have increased by 14.4% and reached 4.4 trillion. The value of the euro and electronic cash payments increased by 12.2% to 0.3 billion euros.

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