June 21, 2024

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Discharge of Ioana Malescu

Discharge of Ioana Malescu

I got out of the maternity ward Ioana Malesko Noon on Monday, May 8th.

The presenter gave birth to a healthy baby girl, weighing 3 kilograms, at noon on Friday, May 5, and now she is not waiting to go home with her baby and husband. Konstantinos Danias To enjoy this new chapter of their life that has just opened.

Ioanna Malesku has managed to keep the news of her pregnancy out of the public eye for months, while after the good news is revealed, she often shares snaps of the workout that she chooses to follow until the very last day.

the TLIFE She was found outside the maternity hospital where the presenter gave birth and got some pictures during her discharge as well as her first sayings. It is worth noting that Ioana Malescu chose to appear for photographers and cameras without her husband and their newborn daughter.

“Thank you so much. Far from the emotional charge and hormones on God, I feel so calm and happy that I can’t believe that this little creature, whom I carried for so long and kept us for as long as she wanted, is finally in my arms.

I was very impressed. The early hours are when you get that baptism of fire, when you have to realize you have a little guy to take care of, my mate as I call her, and all the beats change.

It’s a new stage of adaptation that I haven’t done yet. I don’t sleep, a little nervous but so happy and now I’m home… During my pregnancy I wouldn’t say I had terrible hardships.

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It was these fluctuations in my psyche, and as the time approached, I felt feelings of longing, of the unknown you do not know what all that begins and comes. I understand the anxiety, the love, your anxiety, and the anxiety of the world to find out whether or not you’ve given birth, but it’s so stressful for a pregnant woman.

And I say this because I had it so hard I filtered it into myself, but a woman who can’t, that pressure is awful. “It’s a good idea to avoid that question,” Ioana Malescu said.

Let’s remember that about a month ago, Ioana Malescu and Konstantinos Danias got married in a civil marriage in the strictest secrecy with a few close friends and former colleagues of the presenter at their side.

Photos: Petros Hontos