February 26, 2024

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Disney has decided to make an impressive investment in Epic – Disney

Disney has decided to make an impressive investment in Epic – Disney

Disney is spending $1.5 billion to create a “permanent world” tied to Fortnite

Disney and Epic Games are teaming up to create a “world of entertainment.” In the context of the related announcement, the video of which you can watch below, Disney revealed that it will invest $1.5 billion to buy Epic shares.

Details on what form this plan to create the “Metaverse” will take are still scarce, but Disney describes the plan as follows:

“In addition to being a great gaming experience, working alongside Fortnite, the new stable of universes will provide consumers with plenty of opportunities to play, watch, buy and interact with content, characters and stories from Disney, Pixar, Marvel and The World. star WarsAvatar and more. Everyone will be able to create their own stories and experiences, express their love of these worlds in authentic Disney fashion, and share content with each other in the ways they love. “All of this will be based on the powerful Unreal Engine.”

This description refers to Epic's recent collaboration with Lego. In 2022, Epic secured a $2 billion investment — split between Sony and KIRKBI, an investment firm led by the family behind LEGO — launching the survival game. Lego Fortnite in the beginning of the year. This release was part of a new era for Fortnite, as Epic strives to expand the game beyond its original origins, turning it into a platform for other types of games and experiences. Trade it Lego Fortnite along with Fortnite Festival (A musical game created by its creators Rock band) And Rock racing (Speed ​​racing game, by the creators Rocket League).

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This is not the first collaboration between Disney and Epic, as a large number of characters from star WarsMarvel and other Disney worlds are featured in Fortnite.

Epic has strongly supported the creation of the Metaverse, though Disney has recently appeared to be scaling back its efforts on that front, last year laying off employees in its management department. It is reported that Epic has also recently embarked on a large number of layoffs, showing an exit door for 16% of the company's human resources last September.

It is still unknown when this new world will debut, but this collaboration has already led to an interesting announcement: Rocket Leaguewhich now operates within Epic, is set to receive an update that will add textures from The MandalorianAmong them is Grogu, who will sit on top of cars.