July 14, 2024

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Capcom is removing three of its games from Steam

Capcom is removing three of its games from Steam

the Capcom Announced that starting next month it will be downloaded from steam Her three old games. However, those who already own these games will be able to play them in the future, depending on their operating system.

In more detail, the Japanese company indicated that, starting in May, it will remove the action, adventure and science fiction game, The dark voidCurriculum Dark void zerobut also a sandbox puzzle by name flock. All three titles will be deleted from Steam On May 8th.

Capcom reported among others:

Customers who purchased the game prior to its deletion date may still be able to enjoy the game in the future, depending on the capability of their computer operating system.

This means that if you decide to upgrade your PC in the future and switch Windows, you may not be able to play these games, even if you have them in your collection. It is worth noting that all three titles are currently on Steam, but also on Xbox, but it is not certain whether they will be removed from the Microsoft digital store as well.

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