June 25, 2024

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YouTube is experimenting with showing ads while the video is paused – YouTube

YouTube is experimenting with showing ads while the video is paused – YouTube

In a move that may frustrate users already annoyed by YouTube ads, the platform is testing a new feature called Pause Ads, initially only for smart TVs. These non-skippable ads are played when a user presses the pause button on a video, and according to Google's recent financial results announcement, the company is happy with the first results of its tests.

During the announcement last Thursday, Philip Schindler, Google's senior vice president and chief operating officer, highlighted the success of the pilot program to pause ads on connected TVs. He specifically stated that these ads, which appear when users pause the video, generate strong brand recognition results and thus command premium rates from advertisers.

While Schindler did not provide details on whether Pause Ads will expand to include more YouTube users or whether it will be introduced to smaller screens like smartphones and desktop computers, the company's enthusiasm for the feature suggests that the feature may be more widespread in the future. However, at the moment, Google has not yet answered questions regarding the future of pausing ads.

YouTube previously highlighted the capabilities to pause ads in its post on Blog in advance Last year, he highlighted the unique opportunity for businesses to capture viewers' attention, raise awareness or act during the interactive moment when a video breaks.

It is not surprising that YouTube focuses on increasing ad viewership, as it is the most important source of income for the platform. An equally important source of income is the YouTube Premium subscription, which is aimed at users who want to avoid ads completely.

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Over the past year, YouTube has taken steps to combat ad blockers, a move that appears to benefit the company's bottom line. In its latest financial results announcement, Google reported that YouTube advertising revenues rose by 21% compared to the same period last year.