June 25, 2024

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Divisions in relations between Netanyahu and the army before the “storm”

Divisions in relations between Netanyahu and the army before the “storm”

Relations between the Israeli army and the country’s prime minister are walking on a tightrope Benjamin Netanyahu No matter how much both sides claim that they are moving towards one thing,Close and full cooperation“The exact opposite seems to be happening.

With the IDF pressuring Netanyahu and immediately calling for an invasion of the Gaza Strip, indicating this They can’t sit idly by foreverThe Israeli Prime Minister’s Office issued a joint statement with the country’s Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces in an attempt to achieve a ceasefire He denies rumors of a rift in their relationship.

The statement stated, “There is absolute and mutual trust between the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense, and the Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army, and the unity of purpose is clear,” stressing that cooperation will lead to “A decisive victory over Hamas“.

However, the climate in their relationships lately is not good. Former military and political leaders said over the weekend that “And his failed governmentHe bears responsibility for Hamas’ attacks on Israel.

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‘A lot of blame’ on Netanyahu and campaign

But Netanyahu does not intend to remain silent about the “dysfunctional government,” as according to what was reported by the newspaper “Haaretz.” In his attempt to present himself as innocent, he will blame the Israeli army For their failure to anticipate and prevent deadly attacks Launched by Hamas against Israel on October 7.

As mentioned in the article, Netanyahu is preparing campaign Against the Israeli armyWhile his move to appoint a new representative to liaise with military correspondents can by no means be considered routine, sources report that in the course of the campaign, He collects evidence against the army by defaming senior officers.

However, the image of hostility between Netanyahu and the country’s military leaders also emerged in media reports earlier this year, including a statement in which he said he was “at odds” with former Defense Minister and IDF chief Yoav Galad, who is now a leading voice in Unity government. From Israel.

“Leak” of the Israeli army

According to The Times of Israel, the IDF believes that in order to achieve the war goals against Hamas, which have been set by government officials, the army must launch a ground offensive in the Gaza Strip, and in full. Really soon.

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After 17 days of air strikes, they are telling the government – indicating that they cannot sit idly by – that they are fully prepared for a ground attack on the Gaza Strip. They believe that they are able to achieve the goals they set, even at the risk of heavy casualties in soldiers and amid repeated Hezbollah attacks in the north, according to leaks reported by The Times of Israel.

If the army is forced to focus on the north instead of Gaza, it is confident that it can be mobilized within a few days. The Israeli army has already significantly reinforced the border with Lebanon, but most forces remain close to Gaza in anticipation of a ground attack.

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The army expects the government to make a decision on the ground attack soon, as forces stationed on the border can only remain on high alert for a certain period of time.

Israelis’ confidence in Netanyahu is “declining.”

It is in this climate that the Israel Defense Forces assemble.”Very high level of trust“, in contrast to Prime Minister Netanyahu and his war cabinet, according to a survey by the Jewish People’s Policy Institute (JPPI).

More specifically, the level of trust in the Prime Minister, among the same respondents, was only 32%, with 68% stating that they had a low level of trust or did not know – results that reflect “Crisis of confidence“For the unity government.

However, 79% of the sample say that it is certain that Israel will win the war with Hamas.