April 24, 2024

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“Do you travel with your own money or is it sponsored?”

Ha Alexandra Panagiotaro He was welcomed into the Proinos o group George LiagasAfter two months Their meeting in Dubai Which has been discussed and reproduced very little.

Alexandra Panagiotaro sat in the show ring, and the presenter asked her questions about her travels, work and personal life.

“Do you do these trips with your own money or are they subsidized?” Giorgos Liagas characteristically asked Alexandra Panagiotaro.

“I pay them, I work because obviously I like to be financially comfortable doing these trips. I don't understand why we have to apologize to Mr. and Mrs. Athena Economaku for this reason. We are all receiving feedback from the moment the show is expected, you know it's in the game Also,” said the well-known influencer.

“I don't go into the answer process, because it's a vicious circle. Everyone can waste their money as they want,” he added.

“What are your sources of income?” The next question was for Giorgos Liagas. “It's my clothing store, my online store, some products from Instagram. And the different TV shows that were there from time to time,” Alexandra Panagiotaro noted.

Watch everything Alexandra Panagiotaro had to say below:

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