May 22, 2024

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I got an email saying, “Fix my raspberries.”

I got an email saying, “Fix my raspberries.”

Maria Canelpolo spoke about the offensive message she received, as well as the complications she faced when she contracted coronavirus.

A guest was found on the ERT program “Studio 4” at noon on Tuesday (05/02) Maria Canelpolo.

Among other things, the well-known actress spoke about the last time she was a guest on the program in question, and focused on a specific message she received from a woman, which… It was particularly offensive.

“The last time I was here I got terrible feedback. That's when I realized how many people watch the show, how much they love it, and how many people love me too. Why not except for my brother-in-law who loves me so much and says 'Maraki, do you know what your qualifications are?' It was as if you were here in our kitchen talking. Not to pretend things. And it's true. I don't have any reasons, I'm not hiding anything.

And a lady left me on my email, which has been the same since I was an MP, and told me “Comrade, you have made a lot of money, don’t you go and repair your berries, which is very bad?” First, he tells me that you earned a lot of money, I tell him where?

At another point in her interview, Maria Canelpolo spoke about the suffering she experienced because of… Symptoms of long covid What effect does this have on her psyche?

“I spent the summer of '22 Covid and long Covid with a very difficult life. I have suffered a lot without suffering from the disease itself severely. I had pneumonia, but I didn't because the others had reached the fifth paragraph. For a year I was in a state of extreme panic due to many problems. I've been going through a long time, and I've lost jobs. At one point I said: Oh my God, now that I'm feeling a little better, send me a job.

Of all the things I did, the one that cost me the most as a symptom was what the World Health Organization describes as brain fog. I couldn't concentrate and drive. I think I used to go to my village and read ten books, and in the first summer and quite a few, and in the second summer I had ten books in front of me. I would browse five pages and come back again to see what I had read. I am the one who remembers the poems by heart.

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I was very scared and frightened. A lot of depression and difficulty communicating have surfaced. When I started crying, the doctor said to me, Mr. Kanilpolu, you got sick and you did not commit a crime, why all this guilt? They would say to me: Come on honey, you're at the beach and what do you mean you can't drive? I told them I was going to take a taxi because I was thinking if I got something in the car or hit someone. It was one thing I couldn't share. I've lived it and I've internalized it. I felt terrible and said I would never learn that line.

I went to Calaverton Hospital four times. I had a racing heart, shortness of breath, and couldn't walk. To walk the 20 meters to my house, I stopped three times. I couldn't breathe“, he added.