June 26, 2024

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Domestic air transport attracts new players

Domestic air transport attracts new players

With new players it is constantly enhanced Greek aviation ecosystem. New arrivals include not only foreign carriers that have begun calling Hellas With abroad, but also companies seeking to be active in the transport of goods or in the technical maintenance of aircraft. In these areas, mobility arises in the recent period of time, According to K’s informationBy foreign businessmen and groups embarking on establishing companies in Greece. The list of these startups includes Helicare, which operates in the field of providing maintenance services and is allegedly linked to a multinational group that distributes and markets aircraft consumables and spare parts.

Recently, there has been a lot of movement with international groups setting up business in Greece.

And also Sergius Air, which operates in the field of providing air transportation, and is headed by Sergey Sergeyev, of Russian origin, who founded AYR Logistics Limited, which is active in more than 45 countries. The latter provides integrated services for the storage, distribution and transportation of products (logistics) and has a series of cooperation with government organizations, where it also provides logistics services in the context of humanitarian missions. It remains to be seen whether, through Sergius Airlines, Sergius seeks to enter the Greek logistics market, which presents strong growth prospects.

Another aerospace company established in Greece is Aerospace Technical Services. The company is fully controlled by ATS Group, which is headquartered in the King Hussein Business Park in Jordan, operates in the United States and the United Arab Emirates, and has a proven track record of more than 20 years. Its core activities will include the sale, rental and supply of aircraft equipment, cargo management, as well as the provision of light aircraft maintenance services, i.e. routine tasks (such as checking fluid levels, brakes, navigation systems, etc.). In addition to aviation-related activities and in alignment with its parent company, ATS Greece will also be active in the field of medical equipment supply, seeking to develop a diversified business. In addition to the logistics sector, aircraft maintenance, which constitutes the backbone of aviation, attracts the interest of businessmen.

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The country’s position, combined with the economy’s enhanced attractiveness – despite any of its ailments – and international supply chain problems, has put Greece on the radar of foreign multinational groups seeking to provide services in the sector. The companies, which do not have a European origin, are interested in working in providing technical maintenance services for aircraft in Greece, either independently or by developing synergies with existing players. This type of business has a large number of technical maintenance centers around the world, as the appropriate location is a competitive advantage. At the same time, according to market players, Greece not only has the advantage of being close to a very large number of regions via two- to two-and-a-half-hour flights. It also allows companies from third countries to operate on European territory, facilitating their transactions with customs authorities, which play a crucial role in the import and export of aircraft spare parts and components.