June 19, 2024

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Sunbeds: “burning” prices on the beaches

Sunbeds: “burning” prices on the beaches

The prices of sunbeds on the organized beaches of Attica have risen dramatically, while the cost rises significantly with a coffee, some juice or some toast.

Diving in the basin’s organized beaches is expensive. A family of four needs a bathroom for approximately 50 euros at a time, during the week because prices rise on the weekend.

Even a dip in the sea is for…fat wallets

In Alimo, for example, on weekends, a set of sunbeds costs 22 euros, while the entrance fee is 10 euros per person. So a family of four will pay at least 62 euros to swim in the sea.

Sunbed price list

In particular, the price list on the beaches is currently structured as follows:

Weekdays: set 17 euros
Entrance is 8 euros / person

Weekend: starting from €22
Entrance is 10 euros / person

Weekdays: starting from €6
Weekend: starting from 20 euros
free entry

-Porto Rafty
Weekdays: packages starting from 10 euros
Entrance is 5 euros / person
Weekend: starting from 15 euros
Entrance is 7 euros / person

– Drowning
Entrance is 10 euros / person
Special discounted ticket 5 euros
(Unemployed, students, many children, over 65 years old)

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Free beaches are a solution for many families who want to save money. There are many who prefer to go on mats or go to the beaches with their own umbrellas and chairs.

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