June 19, 2024

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Lawyers in the role of judge newspaper

Lawyers in the role of judge  newspaper

By the time the new judicial year arrives in September, much will have changed justicesuch as where they will work from now on CourtsWhere some are canceled and others are “changed” and in these cases also we will not go to the judge but to the judge lawyer.

The new regulations, which actually came with the country’s new judicial map, are one of the most symbolic Reformatory Projects that were implemented with a delay of a hundred years, as they were first attempted Eleftherios VenizelosCompleting the second part of reducing pressure on the judiciary, by directing a large part of judicial affairs to lawyers.

On the other hand, the new legislation being seriously prepared works to strengthen the institutions for resolving piles of civil disputes outside of court, with the aim of resolving cases quickly, without burdening the judicial system.

After all, the trend is “fewer courts, more… Brokers“, which has now begun to be implemented in our country, has been a system for many years in many European countries. All efforts are aimed at pulling our country out of the sad 146th position internationally in delays in the administration of justice.

What are these cases that have been in the hands of lawyers since last September? Inheritance, cancellation of mortgages, issuance of affidavits, relinquishment of inheritance, creation of non-cultural associations are excluded for special reasons.

All of these categories of cases that come out of the courts lead to relief, which is based on statistics from just the previous two years for Athens – in District Court And Initial court– It will be in the range of 40,000-45,000 annually.

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But will lawyers be prepared to respond to the role of judge? Already in Athens, more than 30,000 lawyers have expressed interest in accelerated training. For example, 11,280 announced the creation of associations, while the number of cancellations of mortgage bonds reached 12,866.


However, in addition to the cases that will be heard by lawyers from now on, while other cases have already been assigned to notaries, such as the consensual divorce that will now be issued in a short time, the Ministry of Justice is trying with new legislation to expand the congestion of the courts by strengthening mediation institutions.

In particular, as Countries in “K” the Deputy Minister of Justice Ioannis Bugas, which also bears the burden of implementing reforms with the new judicial charter, mediation will soon be expanded to include civil disputes with the state. That is, it will apply not only to private disputes, but also to disputes with the state or local government bodies. For example, disputes arising from the assignment of projects to individuals, whether related to their implementation, payment of works, etc., will be subject to mediation.

But at the moment, mediation in its current form has not yielded significant results. It is mandatory as a principle for resolving a civil dispute, but in reality the issues are not resolved between the lawyers of the two parties. This is because trying to reach a solution outside of court is only exhausting in the attempt and if it fails, it is expected that an appeal to court can be made, as it happens, without the need for any justification for failure.

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These problems are being attempted to be solved, Mr. Bogas emphasized, through new legislation issued by the Government which will soon be presented to Parliament, while at the same time the new provisions will strengthen the institution of judicial mediation, that is, the mediator being a judge. , which is still performing poorly so far.


Changes in arbitration will also be important, an institution that gives maximum results, especially in large cases abroad, while in our country it is applied in a strange way, and in any case, the application of parasanga is far from what has been established by large European cities as arbitration centers, such as London, Geneva, Paris, etc., to which businessmen and individuals from the Greek side also resort. Therefore, if the legislative cycle of out-of-court settlement of civil disputes is completed after a number of cases have already been referred to lawyers, the judiciary may actually “get rid” of the piles of cases and be able to approach the court. The European average, which has now become a summer night’s dream. Final decisions must be issued within 500 days. Now it takes 1420 days. We are very far away.