November 28, 2023

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DYPA: Final results for permanent employment of Law 2643/98

DYPA: Final results for permanent employment of Law 2643/98

Today, Friday, October 13, 2023, the final tables of beneficiaries covered by the protection of Law 2643/98 of the Attica Trial Committee, based in Athens, covering special category jobs in the broader public sector, were published after the approval of the Council of State (Opinion No. GN154/5-10-2023 of the Article 28 Committee Paragraph 4 of Law 2190/1994).

Candidates can search for schedules published on the DYPA website ( as well as at the Regional Office in Attica (address: Dim. Gounari 2, Alimos, PO 174 56).

Second: How to search for results

Results are searched exclusively using the protocol number of the candidate’s application. Candidates can search for the application protocol number on the address By logging in using the designated TaxisNet codes and selecting the tender in which they participate.

We clarify that the final schedules of specific grades will then be delivered to the primary committee concerned with Law No. 2643/1998, in order to begin (a) issuing records of decisions regarding appointments to the positions announced for the corresponding competitions. Advertise the DYPA Service, and (b) prepare and publish the Application Schedule for candidates for the advertisement.

DYPA: What applies to any appeals

It should also be noted that no open appeals may be submitted until after the publication of the preliminary committee placement schedules for Law No. 2643/1998. At this stage, the requirements for filing peremptory appeals have not been met. In any case, for the appointment of candidates to the declared positions, as well as for the period for filing counter-appeals, the relevant announcements for each committee will follow.

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The Ministry of Labor and Social Security in cooperation with DYPA, aware of the concerns of the candidates, acted systematically and submitted a reasoned request to the Committee of Article 28 of Paragraph 4 of Law 2190/1994 to the Council of State.

According to the opinion, the conditions are met for the publication of the final lists of beneficiaries protected by Law 2643/98 prepared by the Attica Trial Committee.