June 16, 2024

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EA Sports FC 24: EA tried to fix the worst mistake in FIFA history, but…

EA Sports FC 24: EA tried to fix the worst mistake in FIFA history, but…

Twenty-four hours ago we told you about the worst glitch in the history of…FIFA“, which was located in EA Sports FC 24. According to the videos circulating, this defect appeared when one of the players tried to dribble (Fraudster +), but once the ball went behind his leg, onto his calf, it stayed stuck there for a long time.

Other reports that came later showed that the ball stuck to the player’s hand. However, it looks like EA fixed all that in…about! The company reportedly released a new patch for the game to address the issue, and later made some statements, which you can read below:

To prevent this issue, we have temporarily removed Trickster+ PlayStyle from Ultimate Team Player items, along with Tricksters. We will look into this and once we identify this issue, we will return Trickster+ to the Ultimate Team Player items in a future update.

It is clear that the company is aware of the defect but has not yet completely fixed it, as it has disabled some of the mechanisms that drive it. PlayStyles are unique traits that some players possess to imitate their real-life counterparts.

In more detail, our review of the title edited by Kyriakos Stergiadis can be found by clicking here.

EA Sports FC 24 is available now on PS5, Xbox Series

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