June 25, 2024

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Eclectic grandfather: the new trend that will dominate in 2024

Eclectic grandfather: the new trend that will dominate in 2024

Older preppy style and the term grandpacore with its vintage references have already begun to monopolize searches on TikTok and Pinterest for the new year, leaving behind the pink, fairy-tale Barbiecore aesthetic.

According to Pinterest Predicts, everything seems to be moving towards a timeless classic look with an unexpected twist.

The previous inspiration was the “coastal granny,” an elegant older woman who frequented the beaches of the Hamptons, opting for a luxurious, calm, airy, New England-style cashmere look with neutral tones of beige and white, just like Diane Keaton in the famous movie Something's Gotta Give ( Better late than later.)

It is a sophisticated grandfather role. An experienced senior citizen and the epitome of unassuming calm. A person who has lived his life developing his style and now just wants to feel comfortable in his favorite clothes with timeless lines and high-quality fabrics that he knows and fit him. You won't fool him easily, and you won't be able to turn his established mentality and aesthetics into temporary trends.

But how do they translate into a fashionista's everyday wardrobe?

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Think rustic Ralph Lauren style with a few fun touches. Fashionistas adopt items from the hunting collection, fishing jackets or raincoats from Barbour for nature outings. Then they truly prepare for relaxing moments in the old library featuring tartan upholstery and walnut furniture. This mood is stylistically combined with cropped suits, pleated sweaters and necklines with the checked shirt being subtly visible. A few strange inconsistencies set the tone.

Classic brown polished moccasins go well with exotic socks studded with colored diamonds in a chevron style. Boxer shorts and other individual pieces of sleepwear are contrastingly combined with a knitted cardigan or an oversized raincoat with a spontaneous logic of “I jumped in to get the morning newspaper.”

Veterans head to the private sports club for beer discussions and a baseball marathon to brainstorm accessories like a baseball trophy or a bold, vertically striped varsity jersey borrowed from the school's hero.

Unconventional designs in jacquard knits and herringbone patterns with vibrant color contrasts enhance this vintage aesthetic, reminiscent of the 1960s chorus trilogy of hair sweaters and bowler jackets.

And of course, one cannot miss the vintage sunglasses with small lenses of the dapper aviator, the badge of honor from his grandfather's youth, or, as Gucci loafers were once the ultimate trend, the soft suede sambos with a fur lining (instead of his slippers classic). If completely copying the trend isn't your thing, an oversized old school blazer with thin checks is enough to be in the spirit, without going overboard.

For more vivid visual examples, it is enough to watch the appearances of the main representative of this style, Tyler the Creator.

But even the most advanced fashion girls are not far behind. It girl Gigi Hadid and her sister Bella, as well as the unconventional Zoe Kravitz, created their own show on the streets of New York, surrendering to the magic of classicism. The new trend that draws from the “wisdom of the elders” certainly leads to the selection of high-quality, sustainable raw materials to incorporate pieces, not fast fashion, that stand the test of time. This is definitely good news.