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Eight Awards Won’t Be Broadcast Live This Year (Exclusive) – The Hollywood Reporter

Eight Awards Won’t Be Broadcast Live This Year (Exclusive) – The Hollywood Reporter

Many of the 23 categories that were presented live over the past year 93 Oscars TV will not be shown live during the 94th Academy Awards on March 27, The Hollywood Reporter Learn.

In a move that already caused tension within the academy leadership, but is likely to be well received by the general public, offers were submitted and eight accepted Awards – Short Documentary, Film Editing, Makeup/Hairdressing, Original Score, Production Design, Short Animation, Short Live Action and Voiceover – will take place inside the Dolby Theater an hour before the start of the live broadcast, and will be recorded and edited thereafter for the subsequent live broadcast, which is A variant of the controversial approach first adopted and then abandoned by the Academy in 2018 (the Tony Awards use a similar model).

The academy declined to comment.

This move comes less than a year later The lowest Oscars ever broadcast It sparked panic among the ranks of the academy’s longtime broadcast partner ABC, which holds the exclusive rights to broadcast the ceremony. Until 2028And the fees through which the Academy’s operations are financed are substantial.

Most audiences are only interested in the top six Oscar categories – Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress – if that’s the case. But the Academy has always felt pressured to present all of its competitive Academy Awards on air in order to maintain peace within its Board of Regents, which includes representatives from the Academy’s 17 branches, most of which have at least one award that honors people from the profession their members practice and wants to They are treated like actors, directors and producers.

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academy Announced in August 2018 Several awards will be presented live at the 91st Academy Awards, but a huge industry reaction has caused the organization to back off the move.

Regina HallAnd the Amy Schumer And the Wanda Sykes be group to host The 94th Academy Awards Ceremony.

* * *

UPDATE: This is the message the Academy just sent to its members…

Dear Colleagues, Dear Academy Members,

We are excited to present 94y The Academy Awards, which honor the year’s achievement in motion pictures, are broadcast and provide limitless entertainment to our global audience of movie lovers. After carefully listening to feedback and suggestions from our film community, our network partner, and all those who love the Oscars, it was clear that we needed to make some broadcast decisions that were in the best interest of our show’s future and ours. organisation.

When deciding how to produce the Oscars, we understand that it is live television and we must prioritize the television audience to increase viewer interaction and maintain the program’s liveliness, movement and relevance. This has been an important focus of discussion for some time. We do this while also remembering the importance of our candidates having a once in a lifetime experience.

In order to provide more time and opportunities for the audience to be entertained and engaged through comedy, musical numbers, film clip packages and film tributes, a change will take place in the production of the show. The producers of this year’s show and the Academy’s leadership with oversight of the Academy Awards made a decision, with the endorsement of the officers and the Awards Committee, that each award category should be shown on broadcast television, although eight awards would initially be presented at the Dolby Theater in the hour before Start the live broadcast.

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they will not It is presented at the premiere nor on the red carpet, as some have predicted. Instead, the in-person ceremony at the Dolby Theater will begin one hour earlier to present eight categories of awards before the start of the live TV broadcast. These presentations will then be edited by our creative and production teams and will be seamlessly integrated into the live TV show.

For clarity, all nominees in the ALL categories will be selected live and acceptance letters of all winners will be shown live. Every award-winning filmmaker and artist in every category will still celebrate their well-deserved festive “Oscar moment” on the Dolby stage, facing an angry audience.

For the audience at home, the show’s flow doesn’t change, although it will get tighter and more powerful with this new beat, and the live stream – yes, with the Best Picture category – should finish at the three-hour mark.

This year, the categories introduced in the early hours of the evening and later seen in the live broadcast are, alphabetically: Documentary (short topic), Film Editing, Make-up and Hairstyling, Music (Original Score), Production Design, and Short Film (Animation) , short film (live action) and audio.

Categories that will be presented live on this year’s broadcast are, alphabetically: Actor in a Leading Role, Actor in a Supporting Role, Actress in a Leading Role, Actress in a Supporting Role, Animated Film, Best Picture, Cinematography, Costume Design, Directing, Documentary ( Feature Film, International Feature Film, Music (original song), Visual Effects, Writing (adapted screenplay), and Writing (original screenplay).

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We understand that these types of changes can raise concerns about fairness, and we ask that you understand that our goal is to create a balance in which nominees, winners, members and audiences have a rewarding viewing experience. Going forward, we will evaluate this change and continue to look for additional ways to make our show more enjoyable and exciting for all participants, both inside the Dolby Theater and watching from home.

Every branch of the Academy and the category of awards is indispensable to the success of any film and vital to the industry. Our challenge and goal is to create an exciting, streamlined Oscar show without sacrificing the well-established fundamentals of our organization. We appreciate your understanding and would be grateful for your unwavering support.


David Rubin

Academy President