July 14, 2024

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Elden Ring fans use cheats to outfit the famous Fia

Elden Ring fans use cheats to outfit the famous Fia

The Elden Ring player looks at a giant pair of Deathbed Smalls floating in the sky.

Underwear claimed.
picture: FromSoftware / Kotaku

They say necessity breeds innovation. at elden ringSometimes this necessity looks like Thomas the tank engine mod or Whatever brutality is going on in this video. Last elden ring The innovation involves players having to outfit NPC’s underwear that was apparently cut from the game.

Yes, it will be one of those articles. Fasten seat belts.

Underwear is a set of armor Smalls’ death bedwhich he wears apparently FiThe lady who gives hugs to the players health debuffAccording to ports such as GamesRadar + And the ribbed. Some may see this debuff as a bargain, but what’s a sign of physical affection if not persistent debuffs? If you’re wondering how you can also decorate your soiled lower areas with barely-there Fia underwear, you know for science and statistics purposes, you can’t. At least not through normal gameplay.

He thinks Smalls’ death bed has been cut off elden ringAn official statement due to its unstable nature. cowards. Players only discovered Fia’s underwear after using a strange free cam action. This somewhat perverted revelation allowed players to match Fia’s underwear to the Deathbed’s armor set like some online CSI: Miami Investigation. However, unlike her death bed dressHer underwear is not a reward for completing one of her tasks. If you’re annoyed with Fia’s underwear, you’ll have to brush your hard-core values ​​aside (in more ways than one) and use cheat codes to outfit them.

Thanks to the people in Fan Boy AttackAnd the We know how to “complete” the Fia . program armor set. Players have equipped Deathbed Smalls through the setup elden ring Not connected with cheat engine installed on their PC. From there, all they had to do was enter the Deathbed Smalls item number, 1930300, and voilà. Underwear claimed.

Here are the Death Smalls stats, so you’ll have an excuse ready when your parents or friends have been riding your bike all your life as Captain VIA Underpants.

negation of harm

  • Physical: 1.5
  • Cutoff: 1.5
  • pierce: 1.5
  • Magic: 6.8
  • Fire: 6.5
  • Lightning: 6.8
  • Holy: 72


  • Immunity: 24
  • Durability: 7
  • Focus: 7
  • Vitality: 66
  • Balance: 1

I see you’re scrolling down to its sale value. Stop it.

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