March 4, 2024

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Election 2023 – Final results: Percentage of parties and absolute number of votes

Election 2023 – Final results: Percentage of parties and absolute number of votes

Thus, the New Democracy Collects 40.79%, Oh Syriza 20.07%, the PASOK 11.46%, the K.K.E 7.23% and Greek solution 4.45% Extra-parliamentary parties collect 16.01%.

The SW With a total of 2,407,860 votes, Oh Syriza 1,184,500, the PASOK 676.167, The K.K.E 426,744 and n Greek solution 262.529.

Next Steps and Caretaker Govt

In the absence of independence, a caretaker government was appointed to lead the country to elections in 2023. The new parliament was sworn in on Sunday and dissolved on Monday, with the cabinet meeting today ahead of elections. .

Who captured important ministries?

  • Important ministries had technicians with great experience in their field: at Ministry of Foreign Affairs detected Vasilis Kaskarelis. An experienced diplomat, he has represented Greece in major international organizations and in a series of Greek embassies in countries such as Turkey and Cyprus.
  • In Ministry of Defence Appointed former Deputy Minister of Immigration and former Chairman of GES Alcibiades Stephanis.
  • In Ministry of Civil Defence placed Charalambos lalucisFormer President of GES
  • In Ministry of Civil Defence placed Evangelos TournasHe is now Deputy Minister in the Ministry and has also served as Chief of General Aviation Staff.

All names of ministers

The structure of government is as follows:

Prime Minister: Ioannis Sharmas

Minister of State: King Dark

Ministry of Finance

Minister: Theodoros Belagides

Ministry of Development and Investments

Minister: Eleni Lurie

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Minister: Vasilios Kaskarelis

Ministry of Defence

Minister: Alkiviatis Stephanis

Ministry of Education and Religions

Minister: Christos Kitas

Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

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Minister: Patrina Papparikopoulou

Ministry of Health

Minister: Anastasia Cotanido

Ministry of Environment and Energy

Minister: Pantelis Gabros

Ministry of Civil Defence

Minister: Charalambos lalucis

Ministry of Culture and Sports

Minister: Georgios Koumendakis

Ministry of Justice

Minister: Philippos Spyropoulos

of the Ministry of Home Affairs

Minister: Calliope Spano

Ministry of Immigration and Asylum

Minister: Daniel Estras

Ministry of Digital Governance

Minister: Socrates Katsikas

Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy

Minister: Theodoros Clearis

Ministry of Agriculture Development and Food

Minister: Georgios Tsakiris

Ministry of Tourism

Minister: Ioanna Tretta

Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Defense

Minister: Evangelos Tournas

Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport

Minister: Yannis Golias

Government representative:

Ilias Siakantharis