December 4, 2023

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Eva Kylie: What are her conditions to take off the bracelet?

Eva Kylie: What are her conditions to take off the bracelet?

A month and a half after his release, authorities allowed him to remove the bracelet on parole.

Following a Belgian judge’s decision, Eva Kylis’ electronic surveillance measure was conditionally lifted. These terms came into effect on May 25 and will expire on August 25 unless extended or amended.

At noon on Thursday, the Brussels prosecutor’s office issued a corresponding announcement, according to which there is no reason for Eva Kylie to wear an electronic bracelet, although there are other restrictions.

What are the conditions for Kylie’s release?

According to the order of Judge Michael Kless on May 25, the conditions for the release of Eva Kylie, who is charged with participation in a criminal organization, corruption and money laundering, are as follows:

  • Equipment used for electronic surveillance will be returned;
  • reside in his residence and not change residence without first notifying the Inquisitor;
  • not leave the national territory of Belgium without the prior written permission of the investigator;
  • not contact any persons involved in the file under investigation, including the press;
  • to respond to all calls from police or judicial authorities, including calls made by professionals appointed by them; And
  • To be under the supervision of the Welfare Officer of the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office.

According to the orders of the investigator Glaze, these conditions are mandatory for the release of Eva Kylie. “Given the circumstances of the case, there are serious grounds for concern that if the defendant is released without appropriate conditions, he will repeat his criminal activities,” his decision said.

“We appeal to the European Parliament”

A few days ago, Eva Kylie’s Greek lawyer announced that she will appeal to the European Parliament to establish whether there is a parliamentary violation of Eva Kylie.

“There are two forms of parliamentary violation. Through the case file, my Belgian colleagues and I noticed that the incident with the suitcase did not happen yet, it was seen inside the Parliament of the European Parliament, which is unacceptable. There is evidence that Eva Kylie’s immunity was monitored before it was lifted, which creates a big legal problem” That Mr. Dimitrakopoulos pointed out.

“If accepted by the European Parliament, the preliminary procedure is annulled and it starts from the beginning. The Parliament did not know that Ms. Kylie was being monitored. One possibility is to admit that the Parliament was watching her, thereby canceling the process that was done, and canceling all investigative steps. However, we are not going with that, “We have gathered a lot of evidence that discredits the allegations leveled by Pancheri against Eva Kylie,” the lawyer added.

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