June 19, 2024

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Mayor of Hellenikon – Argyropoli: “Neutralized bombs next to our houses”

Mayor of Hellenikon – Argyropoli: “Neutralized bombs next to our houses”

The reports of the mayor of Elenikos – Argyropoli about the existence of World War II bombs, which were fortunately found and neutralized, are shocking.

“The tragedy of the case is that the 314 bombs stored by the Germans in the old facilities of the Pontian Chormen Union, located inside and next to the former airport, were directly 2 meters below our kindergarten and sports facilities. Olympic facilities!

Places where thousands of people enter every day!” Hellinikon Argyroupoli Yiannis Constantatos mayor said and added according to the municipality's related announcement: “Thank God, there was no harm or explosion, while at the same time a full airport and dozens of municipal and CAA facilities are operating very well. It's amazing. In this minefield.

We, as a municipality, had our residents die in the war, mainly from Allied bombings, which is why when I was elected mayor, one of the first projects I did to honor their memory was a related memorial. Church of Agia Paraskevi. But no one could have imagined this!

Many thanks to the heroes of TENX who, after 80 years, are still cleaning up the area next to our homes because of the investment.”

During the meeting

The shocking statements of Elenikos Mayor – Archipouli were released following a meeting he held with representatives of the military and the special disaster team he had on Wednesday, April 24, in the context of information and cooperation on controlled explosions. Hellenicone is taking place within the former airport during the works due to the investment.

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“A wonderful number 314 rang loudly, referring to aerial bombs, among many more bombs and explosives, by the TENX (Land Mine Clearance Battalion), inside the former airport, next to our houses,” the municipality's announcement points out.