June 25, 2024

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“Own targets have started early”, they tell SYRIZA – as pollsters “see”.

“Own targets have started early”, they tell SYRIZA – as pollsters “see”.

“Syriza is capable of doing everything from better to worse, closer to 20% or more than 15% percent.”

This is the picture they get in Koumundourou from the pollsters who are talking in front of them European elections.

Because Stefanos Kassalakis-led party voters – young, women, apolitical – are not sure they will reach the ballot box and will not stay away.

NATO's “Holy Alliance”, 5% for swimming pool and wellness

At the same time, not a few in SYRIZA – especially those who feel left out of the new party affairs – feel that the “own goals” of the pre-election campaign have started early.

In addition to rhetoric in foreign policy such as NATO's “holy alliance” or swimming pool miracles—Kassalakis' initial statement At least 5% of GDP should be spent on healthHe was forced to explain when his political opponents reminded him that this was already in place, but the official opposition had not submitted a memorandum to the Areopagus to block the Spartans' descent into European elections.

With … Gallianos, Associates of Stephanos Kassalakis Answer

On the other hand, the allies of the SYRIZA president argue that the ND government would do well to seek answers to the decline of public health with a 500 million euro loan. An incriminating video of its MP, Yiannis Kallianou.

“Probably because they are illiterate in ND, we keep telling them that the extra 5% will be invested in health and by diverting the resources of the recovery fund. With a SYRIZA-PS government, ESY will once again favor the public, not private friends of ND”, add the same sources. .

Mr. As for accusations that Kasselakis is fishing in murky waters chasing far-right votes, Mr. Voritis, Georgiatis and Pluris and the NT's Euro ballot included Kasidiaris's anthem, it's a shame that he dares to blame Syriza.

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Especially, in fact, when its leader yesterday (Wednesday) clearly denied any far-right vote in an interview, Megaros canceled the new story of Maximos.

Do not file a memorandum for “Spartans”.

Be that as it may, they feel vindicated by their advances at Koumoundourou and their willingness not to submit a memorandum of “communication” to the Spartans to the Areopagus.

Because, based on their reasoning, the judgment of the Supreme Court Excluded from European elections Their position is justified by the formulation of Ilias Kasidiaris, which waived exclusion based on legal parameters such as Article 32 PD. 26/2012 in terms of admission shall not be declared if its “actual leadership” includes persons convicted of certain offences.

Weather permitting, the Kasselaki cruise will continue as originally planned.

That means today the head of Syriza will be in Kalymnos, Leros, Agathonisi, Leipsos, Archios, Patmos and Ikaria.