July 22, 2024

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Weather – Kolitas for African Dust: This was the most intense event recorded in Athens

Weather – Kolitas for African Dust: This was the most intense event recorded in Athens

A new post by Totoris Kolitas mentions eerie images from African Dust, and an article from his personal page.

“I have studied the historical evidence of the cases involving large dust transport that I bring you. Most of them are recorded in my personal diary as I experienced them on the EMY shift from 1986,” he writes in his article, asking any of his colleagues who know of another case to send him to add it.

In detail, he describes, March 7, 1902, March 28, 1931, April 23, 1965, April 14, 2008, May 21, 2008, April 17, 2005. There is also data for 2/25/2001, 2/24/2006, 6 /3/2009, 21/5/2008 and 10/11/2010.

“My personal opinion is that, especially for Athens, this was a very serious event,” writes Theodoris Kolitas in his essay, “and that the lack of rain as usual played a big role. The dust was not washed away.” and suspended in the atmosphere for a long time. The “spooky” color was created due to the scattering of light, where the time of maximum traffic coincided with sunset played an important role.”

Full post by Theodoris Kolitas:

Historical Dust Records – A Little Lesson in Meteorology

In the spring #Sharaw cyclones move eastward along the North African coast carrying #dust into the eastern Mediterranean.

High pressure over Libya during the summer prevents these cyclones from spreading further east and the transport takes place in the central Mediterranean.

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In late summer low pressures near the Balearic Islands mainly transport dust over the western Mediterranean.

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