June 23, 2024

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African dust recedes: Scientists find – experts warn

African dust recedes: Scientists find – experts warn

In anticipation of Gradual retreat of African dust Weather forecasters have announced that the terrain is still cloudy and dreary for the second day, with a suffocating picture in many parts of the country. And if An orange veil representing the Sahara Declining from noon, the suffocation, combined with the current high temperature, creates a dangerous combination for our health. A fact mobilized by medical associations and the Ministry of Health Work Vulnerable groups are advised not to stay outside for long periods of time and wear masks.

African dust recedes: Scientists find - experts warn
Tourists visit the archaeological site of Mycenae amid fresh African dust (Vasilis Papadopoulos/Eurokinisi).

EAGME Electron Microscopy Findings

Her course is very interesting Hellenic Commission for Geological and Mining Research He collected and examined them using a new state-of-the-art JSM-IT500L scanning electron microscope capable of magnification of up to 300,000 times. African dust sample Covers Attica. Evidence shows what scientists have long warned about. That is, apart from African dust, dangerous elements also pass through our respiratory system (specific injury) Changed because of that.

African dust recedes: What scientists find - warnings from experts
Microscopic image showing qualitative analysis of African dust

In particular, optically the dust size does not exceed 10μm, its chemical composition includes aluminum (Al), silicon (Si) and calcium (Ca) with a minimum percentage of iron (Fe) and titanium (Ti). As indicated in the EAGME announcement, African dust is a sporting material that floats and moves due to the wind and its small size.

A gradual retreat from the west of the country

ERT meteorologist Panagiotis Yiannopoulos says African dust, which carries particulate matter at levels of PM10, PM2.5 or lower, can carry pollutants from the atmosphere, which gradually moves in from the west. Country. Specifically, this afternoon the event will be confined to the eastern Aegean region and the atmosphere will clear by evening.

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African dust recedes: What scientists find - warnings from experts

How should we protect ourselves?

According to experts, African dust can aggravate asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Patients with respiratory problems should not be outdoors for long periods and should not wear masks.

The Ministry of HealthFollowing routine information provided by the Ministry of Environment and Energy, within the framework of its responsibilities to protect public health, recommends the following steps to inform the public with precautionary measures:

A. Recommendations for High-Risk Persons

  • People with Breathing problem
  • Heart patients
  • Children And
  • The Above 65 years of age

They should avoid any physical training-activities outside. Further, It is recommended to avoid staying outdoors Especially in high traffic areas.

  • People with asthma Relief inhalations may be needed more frequently. If symptoms persist, it is recommended to contact the attending physician.

B. Recommendations for the general public

Every person is advised to avoid outdoor exercise and limit the time spent outdoors especially in high traffic areas. While indoors Keep doors, patio doors and windows closed.

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