June 26, 2024

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African Dust: Ministry of Health Recommendations and Precautionary Measures – When the Atmosphere Clears

African Dust: Ministry of Health Recommendations and Precautionary Measures – When the Atmosphere Clears

Due to this, the atmosphere has become suffocating in many parts of the country African dust It has resurfaced in recent days.

The Strange pictures Recorded in many areas yesterday Dark orange veil It covered entire cities and went around the internet.

A specific event with a name “Minerva Red” It affected the country to a great extent. A shallow depression in the Sirte region moving towards Greece carried huge amounts of dust, making air quality difficult.

And even today It dawned with heavy fog and suffocationThis coupled with high temperature, A dangerous mixture has been created for our health.

Recommendations for air pollution

According to experts, African dust can aggravate asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Patients with respiratory problems should not be outdoors for long periods and should not wear masks.

The Ministry of HealthFollowing routine information provided by the Ministry of Environment and Energy, within the framework of its responsibilities to protect public health, recommends the following steps to inform the public with precautionary measures:

A. Recommendations for High-Risk Persons

  • People with Breathing problem
  • Heart patients
  • Children And
  • The Above 65 years of age

They should avoid any physical training-activities outside. Further, It is recommended to avoid staying outdoors Especially in high traffic areas.

  • People with asthma Relief inhalations may be needed more frequently. If symptoms persist, it is recommended to contact the attending physician.

B. Recommendations for the general public

Every person is advised to avoid outdoor exercise and limit the time spent outdoors especially in high traffic areas. While indoors Keep doors, patio doors and windows closed.

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The incidence decreases

Yesterday the Crete disappeared into Brown veil, amid temperatures close to 30°C. The scene in her city early this morning was horrifying Kalamata but in the whole province of Messenia. The temperature had “soared” to 32 degrees Celsius before 2 o'clock, with strong winds and African dust making for stifling conditions.

In Patras Significant differences in temperature and humidity were recorded yesterday at two stations of the Atmospheric Physics Laboratory of the University of Patras. At 12:00 pm yesterday, the temperature in Rio was measured at 20.3 degrees Celsius with 54.9% humidity. At the same time, Koukouli (inside Patras city) station showed 30.1°C with 22.2% humidity.

Dust from the west is gradually moving away from the countryAccording to ERT meteorologist Panagiotis Giannopoulos. “Cleaning has already started in the west. I think Athens will also clear after noon. It will be limited to the afternoon in the eastern Aegean, and it will clear from the afternoon,” he stressed.

We are inspired by colors. We had to experience such an episode about 20 years ago in Athens. There were similar episodes in 2018 in Crete. Crete still has some visibility issues, but I think all flights will be normal. The event is defined. However, it is not excluded that we will see dust again on Saturday in Western Greece, but in no way with the intensity that we experienced these daysMr. Yiannopoulos added.