May 18, 2024

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Plato's exact burial place is located

Plato's exact burial place is located

Plato's perfect burial place According to research by the Italian Research Foundation, it was identified based on papyri from the site of Hercolano near Naples.

According to research led by Italian papyrologist Graziano Ranocchia, Plato was buried in a garden near the “Temple of the Muses” in the “Academy” that bears his name in Athens.

This important discovery, according to what is known, Due to a new reading of the papyrus of Philodemus Epicurean“Academy” has a history broadcast by Athenian and Macedonian news agency.

The Park of Plato's Academy at Colonus

Argiro Anastasio / Urokinesis

Papyri “read” by bionic eye, which, despite being burned in the eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79. It destroyed Pompeii and was able to discover this new, useful information. The entire research began three years ago and will be completed by 2026. The bionic eye found a thousand new words, compared to the previous one, which was done in 1991, that is, 30% more text.

Italian researchers add to that from this new reading “Plato appears to have been sold into slavery in 404 BC, when the Spartans captured Aegina, or, alternatively, in 399 BC, soon after Socrates' death.” Until now, this particular event has always been referred to in 387 BC. and during Plato's time in Syracuse, Sicily.

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