June 25, 2024

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Weather: African dust, heat and phoenix winds across the country – when…

Weather: African dust, heat and phoenix winds across the country – when…

Stormy winds, muddy rain and African dust Today and Tuesday will be important aspects of the weather This is at the peak of dust transport that has been ongoing since Monday.

At the same time, African dust is expected today A significant rise in temperatureWinds will be east-southeast, reaching 8 Beaufort, with gusts of 9 Beaufort in the Aegean.

They will be mentioned at headquarters Muddy rainDusty and cloudy in central and north.

In Crete the thermometer reaches 30 degrees Celsius, while in Florina the thermometer does not exceed 12 degrees.

As the director of EMY, Thodoris Kolitas, noted in his note, the large temperature difference between northwestern Greece and the southern island regions is unprecedented and will not exceed the expected 30 days in Crete, while “an important locally enhanced downdrafts will again be played by the phone-type winds”.

On Wednesday, westerly winds will begin pushing dust further east towards the Dodecanese, ensuring a clear atmosphere for Thursday and Friday.

Position of Theodoris Kolitas:

“North vs. South – Temperature Contrasts

We have repeatedly seen similar differences or large differences of 16°C between northwestern Greece and southern island regions, especially in cases of strong downslope southerly winds. Of course, we are not referring to something “unprecedented”, for example, today's 28 °C in Heraklion and 11 to 12 °C in the northwest.

The press says we may catch more highs (30s) on Tuesday, but not much. These values ​​will be mainly confined to Crete or locally reinforced downwinds of the phone type will again play an important role. #Foehn_Winds

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@EMY_HNMS @GSCP_GR @Starchannelnew1”.

What will the weather be like for Easter?

Weather over Easter is expected to be volatile, with weather conditions being particularly changeable, with forecast data showing that prevailing weather events will become more pronounced as the days approach.

According to forecast data from weather models, the weather pattern is expected to be unsettled and with chances of rain during Holy Week and its finale – ie Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday.

Marousakis: There will be some bad weather with rain

According to Clearchos Marousakis, there will be some bad weather with rain. Closer to Easter, on Holy Saturday, bad weather with rain and temperatures for the season will be lower and closer to normal levels. “It's no serious situation, no bad weather,” OREN meteorologist said, adding that the temperature is expected to be between 23 and 24 degrees Celsius, and the rain will usually come out around noon.

Weather: African dust, heat and phoenix winds across the country - when will this event subside and what will the weather look like on Easter

Arniakos: Rain is not excluded

For his part, ANT1's meteorologist Tasos Arniakos stressed that rains are not excluded. “We are not ruling out rain, we are well-known Easter weather will be unstable. Good Friday and Holy Saturday we can have rain, Sunday especially in continental and mountainous areas. We will have a shower. The traditional Easter weather, for many years, it does not look like anything serious,” he said. he said characteristically.

Weather: African dust, heat and phoenix winds across the country - when will this event subside and what will the weather look like on Easter - Figure 2

Yiannopoulos: Not much rain until May Day

“Although we don't know exactly what the weather will be like, temperatures will vary between 26 and 28 degrees Celsius, and there won't be much rain until May day,” said ERT meteorologist Panagiotis Giannopoulos.

Golitas: There will be no large temperature extremes

“Temperature deviations in the lower layers of the atmosphere (at 850 hPa level, 1500 m above the surface) show that after a significant drop in temperatures from Thursday, the weather will warm up again, heading into Easter. . . . No, but there will be big temperature extremes like we've experienced in the last 15 days,” said Thotoris. Golitas wrote on the X platform (formerly Twitter) last week.

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